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Black Eyed Peas to ease ‘Nipplegate’ into Super Bowl half-time history


After the 2004 fiasco surrounding Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, the NFL has take strident measures to ensure there won’t be another ‘Nipplegate.’

The world still hasn’t forgotten the moment J.T. ripped part of Janet’s bustier away to reveal a heavily pierced nipple that sent family viewers and broadcasters into a frenzy over standards and decency.

Whatever lay behind the controversy is now well forgotten, and after five years of mediocre, has-beens; epitomised by The Who last year who showed that the decades since their halcyon days has been a little unkind, the NFL have taken a gamble on the Black Eyed Peas in an effort to bring hipper entertainment to a delicate audience.

Despite their singles including such risqué titles as ‘my humps’ and ‘let’s get retarded’, the organisers feel that they are a safe bet to entertain and inspire the audiences at home and in the park.

“We’ve taken great pains to ensure that nothing that would be unsuitable for a mass audience would occur,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy. “We write it into their contracts that they would be liable if anything is not suitable for that mass audience.”

After ‘Nipplegate’ the NFL took production matters into their own hands, relieving MTV of their duties; but sadly their ensuing choices of pension rockers Tom Petty, Bruce Springstein, Paul McCartney, Prince and The Who did little to inspire a nation that wanted some life to keep the entertainment momentum going.

“That was such a big deal, and they got way overly cautious,” said Andy Greene, associate editor at

“For the first time, the show was completely trashed. People were saying, ‘I’m sick of the fossils!’ ” He added.

In response to their viewers the NFL have taken a safe gamble on the Black Eyed Peas, who have assured the producers they’ve made the right choice.

“We’re not a risqué group,” told The Post. “Unlike Janet, neither Fergie or I have ever appeared nude on an album cover or a magazine cover. Janet’s a great act; she’s a great talent, and she felt a need to do that. That’s not us.”

“This is a good way for the league to look like it’s broadening its appeal with a hip-hop group. Everything about them is so carefully, commercially crafted for mass appeal,” said Jack Dickey, editor of Deadspin. “Their songs are vague and positive. Someone once described their music as ‘songs for bar mitzvahs.’ ”

The Peas will allegedly be joined by former Guns ‘n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist, Slash, along with Usher. Both are chalked up as ‘surprise’ guests.

Christina Aguilera will also make an appearance to sing the national anthem. Whether she’ll behave herself or not is another matter. Dirty.

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