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Billy Ray ‘so sad’ about Miley Cyrus bong video


Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus took to his Twitter to express his dissappointment about the video of his daughter Miley that is circulating the internet.

The clip, which was posted by, was filmed at a belated birthday party for the 18-year-old star at the family’s Los Angeles mansion last month and shows her smoking a bong.

“Sorry guys,” he wrote to his followers. “I had no idea. I’m so sad. There is much beyond my control right now.”

Miley is seen in the clip taking a hit of what is reportedly Salvia, a natural but powerful hallucinogenic drug, and almost instantly she starts giggling uncontollably and rambling incoherently.

At one point the singer then turns to camera and laughs: “OK, I’m about to lose it now.”

Shortly afterwards Miley says: “[I’m] having a little bit of a bad trip,” and then she asks “Is that a f***ing Liam lookalike or what the hell is that? Is that my boyfriend?

“Oh my God, he looks so much like him. Is that me tripping?”

A friend filming her says: “You’re gonna sh*t a brick when you see this,” to which a very high Miley replies: “Oh no. I want more of this sh*t, I swear.”

The video was reportedly stolen or copied from the friend’s camera.

Anthony Adams, a former CA State Assemblyman told TMZ it was irresponsible of the young star to smoke the drug — legal in California and some other states in America — which he said can make “you do incredibly crazy things.” Do you think it should be banned?

Read here about the effects of Salvia divinorum.

Images: PR Photos and Wikimedia Commons

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