Barack Obama plays it soft in India

President Obama landed in India amidst controversy surrounding relationships with neighbouring Pakistan.  The weight of the diplomatic task facing Obama is daunting, trying to convince India and other Asian countries to halt their unilateral devaluation of currencies whilst keeping Islamabad on side against the threat of faltering ties with Pakistan.

Obama’s trip is designed to strengthen ties and secure big business deals which will create jobs and increase exports, this coming just a few days after voters damaged Obama and his Democrats in the mid-term elections.  While his speech on Saturday talked of developing relationships between the US and Asia, the omission of any reference to Pakistan has surprised Indian people and media.

After the conference TV and radio stations were frothing, and the majority of Indian commentators spoke of their disappointment and commented on the softness of his speech..

Strategic analyst Mahroof Raza told the Times Now channel “This was a guarded statement.  No mention of Pakistan conveys that Pakistan is key to their (United States) Afghan policy … and, therefore, Pakistan will not be brought to book.”

Indians want Pakistan to be held accountable for the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008 where Pakistan based militants rampaged for sixty hours killing 166 people in India’s financial hub, slaughtering victims at luxury hotels, a train station and a Jewish center.

India says that certain elements in the Pakistan state were responsible for the attacks.

Obama’s ten day tour will take him to Indonesia, South korea and Japan where, on Washington’s behalf, he will push for currency inflation in order to equalise world markets and improve import / export options for the US (and Europe by association).  It is believed that this is a priority issue for the Group of 20 heads of state meet, taking place  in Seoul next week.

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