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August Busch’s girlfriend Adrienne Martin found dead in his mansion


The girlfriend of beer heir August Busch has been found dead in his home. Adrienne Martin is suspected to have died of a drug overdose.

The New York Post states authorities have refused to say why they did not reveal the death of the 27-year-old, who passed away on Sunday, sooner.

The former Hooters waitress and aspiring model was already dead when police and paramedics arrived at the gated home of Busch in a wealthy St. Louis suburb.

It is not clear whether August Busch was in the house in Huntleigh, Mo., at the time.

Busch’s lawyer, Art Margulis, said the couple had been dating for at least a year, the New York Post reports. Both had also recently divorced their spouses.

In a press release, police said Martin was found “with no apparent signs of trauma or other indications of the cause of death.”

However, St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted a law-enforcement source as saying that her death was being investigated as a possible overdose. Toxicology and other tests will take four to six weeks, according to officials.

Art Margulis said, “I can tell you there is absolutely nothing suspicious about her passing, and it’s a tragic and untimely death of a young person. A very kind, young person, by the way.”

Adrienne’s former husband Dr. Kevin J. Martin, 45, a medical doctor, said in an interview Friday that he does not know his ex-wife’s cause of death but said that she had a heart condition called Long QT syndrome, according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Martin said he discovered the condition Adrienne after they wed in 2002 and urged her to get it checked out. She had, however, been unwilling to tell others about her illness.

“She refused to see a cardiologist about it,” Martin said. “I’ve always suspected she thought I was overreacting.”

August, 46, is the great-great-grandson of Adolphus Busch, founder of the Anheuser-Busch beer empire. The heir headed the company that made Budweiser until it was bought out in a $52 billion merger deal two years ago.

Martin had previously talked about her aspirations of becoming a model and had posted pictures of herself on the internet and written comments.

“I really would like to do beer advertising!” she wrote on “Since I have only begun, I can’t wait for my exciting times ahead!”

Other celebrities who reportedly died from a drug overdose include actor John Beluschi, Playmate Jennifer Lyn Jackson and comedian Greg Giraldo.

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