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Aretha Franklin as alive, contrary to internet rumors


Rumors of Aretha Franklin’s death have taken Twitter by storm and stories that the singing legend is no more have been spreading on the Internet like wildfire.

Earlier this month the singer underwent surgery for an undisclosed illness and shortly afterwards news that she was suffering from incurable pancreatic cancer started making the headlines.

A source close to Aretha, however, told the Free Press that she is “home, alive and recovering.”

Indeed, just less than two weeks ago we reported that she was in “high spirits” after her “highly successful surgery”, with plans to “see the upcoming Sam Cooke play at the Music Hall in downtown Detroit before January 2, as well as a performance of Dreamgirls at the FOX before it closes.”

Yesterday there were legitimate reports that singer Teena Marie, fondly referred to as the “Ivory Queen of Soul”, died aged 54 – perhaps that was what led to the confusion?

Other stars who have recently fallen prey to similar Twitter death rumors include Morgan Freeman, Charlie Sheen and Bill Cosby.

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Images: Wikimedia Commons

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