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Anti-anxiety pills help Hugh Grant fight panic attacks


Hugh Grant, made famous by his roles in romantic comedies such as Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral, has recently told British newspaper the Mirror about his battle with panic attacks.

In an exclusive interview, the 49-year-old talked about his constant struggle and how it has affected his career. The climax came during the filming of Music and Lyrics in 2007, alongside Hollywood starlet Drew Barrymore, after which “I got back home (and) put Post-it notes around my computer saying, ‘Accept no more films’”.

The making of the movie, where Grant plays an aging popstar who draws inspiration from a talented young woman, saw his anxiety reach and all-time high, resulting in “four or five terrible panic attacks…I did the whole film full of lorazepam”, a drug used to treat the condition.

Since then he has taken a two year break, according to the Mirror, and has only  recently returned to work with Did You Hear About The Morgans? co-starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

Having seen “just about every shrink“ in London and been through an array of strange and interesting therapies, he said what really made a difference was knowing that what was happening to his body was not terribly abnormal and taking a more relaxed approach:

“The one thing that did me some good was a bloke who said that when you have a panic attack it’s your natural adrenalin which you need to do the scene, but just a fraction too much. So if you just breathe and take it down a little you can do it. Just knowing that helped.“

Did You Hear About The Morgans? is a comedy written and directed by Marc Lawrence telling the story of Paul and Meryl Morgan, a successful New York couple whose marriage has hit the rocks. Having witnessed the murder of Meryl’s client, the couple are placed under protective custody and forced to take on new identities and relocate to a small town in Wyoming.

The film hit the US screens on December 18th and opened in many parts of Europe in early January 2010.

Sarah Jessica Parker also stars in the much-awaited Sex and the City 2 movie, which is due for release in May 2010. The trailer for the film was made public in December last year.

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