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Anna Nicole Smith’s life to become an opera


Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith was never shy of media attention during her short life, and when she passed away aged 39 of an overdose it seemed a fitting end to the comedy / tragedy story that her life became.

She surfaced at a time when stars like Bridgette Nielsen and her oh-so often nude scenes, and Sylvester Stallones bicep popping antics were hitting the headlines, and she embodied the oversized philosophy of the 1980’s perfectly. She was loved and hated in equal measure; and perhaps for some she represented the end of good standards, for others she was the living entity of sexual desire.

Now it seems her life is to be brought back to us in musical form courtesy of The Royal Opera House. You remember them; they made the Jerry Springer opera a few years back.

The life of Anna Nicole Smith was well documented during her living days as newspapers and magazines followed her every move. During that scrutiny she went from movie star to soft porn actress, model and reality TV star to wife of a billionaire 63 years her senior. Her untimely death came after a drug overdose, allegedly linked to depression over her weight and other issues.

The adaptation from tragic reality to opera comes courtesy of Richard Thomas, who first caused a stir about cultural decline with his Springer piece.

Eva-Maria Westbroek will star as the much maligned Smith, but she feels that the former Playboy girl is perfect material for an opera.

‘She was very innocent in a strange way which makes her downfall all the more painful to watch,’ she tells us. ‘For some reason people are always intrigued by other peoples’ misery.’

Not sure how innocent she really was, perhaps Ms. Westbroek is getting a little over sentimental there; but none-the-less a musical about a porn star and pin up girl could make for interesting viewing.

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