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Andrew Lloyd Webber has prostate cancer


Andrew Lloyd Webber has a list of 13 successful musical hits to his name that have been shown on stages across the globe, including London’s West End and Broadway. Some of the more famous include ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Cats’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Starlight Express’. The British-born composer and producer, who composed his first piece at the age of nine, has received countless awards, including an Oscar, seven Tony Awards and three Grammy Awards.

According to, Llloyd Webber’s spokesperson released a written statement confirming the producer is suffering from prostate cancer.

“The condition is in its very early stages. Andrew is now undergoing treatment and expects to be fully back at work before the end of the year,” the statement said.

Lloyd Webber is releasing the long-awaited sequel to ‘Phantom of the Opera’, namely ‘Phantom: Love Never Dies’ 2010, for which rehearsals begin at the end of this year.

Lloyd Webber is reportedly currently in hospital, receiving initial treatment for prostate cancer.

The prostate is a gland located in the male reproductive system, in between the bladder and the rectum. Prostate literally stands for “the guardian”, with its primary function being to help make and store seminal fluid in addition to producing an alkaline secretion that is ejaculated with semen.

Prostate cancer is when the cells of the prostate begin to grow uncontrollably, and typically affects men over the age of 50.

Celebrities who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer include:

Image:, source: LALW – B&W, author: Tracey Nolan

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