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Andrew Koenig committed suicide in a park


It is a tragic end to a sad story that many had been following for nearly two weeks. ‘Growing Pains’ actor Andrew Koenig reportedly took his own life in a Vancouver park, the media reports.

According to PEOPLE Andrew’s body was found in a Vancouver park he enjoyed to visit whenever he was in town. His father, Walter, and some friends and family were doing a private search in Stanley Park when his cell phone rang. A friend had found the body around 11:30am in a heavily wooded area.

Andrew’s father, who played Dr. Checov in the original ‘Star Trek’ series, spoke at an emotional press conference later that day. “My son took his own life,” RadarOnline quotes him as saying. “He was obviously in a lot of pain.”

Andrew had been missing since February 16. His family had made public pleas in the media, begging him to come home. Extensive searches had been conducted to find the actor, all to no avail. Andrew was known to suffer from depression. Three weeks before he traveled to Vancouver, he had cleared his Los Angeles apartment.

Andrew rose to fame playing Boner, Kirk Cameron’s friend in ‘Growing Pains’.

Other celebrities who have suffered from depression include Owen Wilson, Jim CarreyJ.K. Rowling, and Hugh Laurie.

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