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Amy Winehouse’s Last Days – Did She or Didn’t She Take Drugs or Drink?


Amy Winehouse bought drugs the night she died. Amy Winehouse hadn’t touched drugs for three years prior to her death. Amy Winehouse’s mother found the star drunk the day before she was found dead. Amy Winehouse hadn’t touched alcohol for three weeks prior to her death.

Will the real dead Amy Winehouse please stand up? Somebody, somewhere, is telling porky pies. And not the little individual ones, the big fat ones designed to feed a large  family of corpulent compulsive eaters.

So around the time of Amy’s death it was reported that she had been seen buying drugs the night before by a ‘source’. These sources are always reliable. Not as reliable as ‘insiders’ but reliable all the same. Then her papa, Mitch Winehouse claimed that his daughter hadn’t touched drugs for three years. Now a friend of hers – Tony Azzopardi – has come forward to say that he met Amy at The Old Eagle public house – a favourite haunt of the star’s – the night before she died and together they purchased a cocktail of some pretty serious drugs: half an ounce each of heroin and crack – they’re the really ugly ones for people who are unfamiliar with drug culture. Incidentally, they cost £1200.

Amy Winehouse's death is the subject of much speculation.

You can almost understand Mitch Winehouse telling an untruth about his daughter’s condition prior to death. You can sympathise with his last desperate attempt to clear her name and paint a prettier picture of her lifestyle other than the hedonistic junkie that was so often portrayed by an unscrupulous and gossip thirsty media. Too little, too late but a valiant effort all the same.

But what of the stories regarding her buying drugs. Would someone stoop so low as to claim that they were with the deceased singer the night before she died, just to have their name associated with the ‘troubled Amy Winehouse’?  The truth will out eventually and someone will be left looking like an unprincipled idiot. It’s a bizarre concept for anybody not insane or utterly desperate and shallow to get their heads around, trying to garner attention from an association with someone who recently died, but nothing is surprising anymore. Yesterday’s daily Winehouse headline featured a ten-year-old St Lucian girl whose family claim the defunct chanteuse was in the throes of adopting.

More slightly conflicting evidence: the guy who claims he was buying drugs with her the day before she died commented that she was looking well, that she appeared ‘clean’ and had added some much needed weight to her emaciated frame. However, a piece on The Daily Mirror’s website today reports that her mother, Janis, had called to see Amy unannounced the day before she died and had told a friend that, “Amy was completely out of it. She was in such a state the guys minding her had to go upstairs to get her and help her down the steps. It looked like she had been out drinking the night before and was still drunk or hungover.”

This ‘friend’ of Amy’s mother sounds like another reliable and trusted source.

I’m getting sick of the number of grotesque people willing to use the deceased chanteuse as an excuse to self promote. Be it nobodies, D list celebrities, friends of the family or her Camden drinking ‘buddies’. If someone was a close friend of Amy Winehouse, surely they wouldn’t be talking to the media, making dubious claims about the friendship or tweeting about her death on social media networks. She seemed to face enough demons when she was alive. Seems she can’t rest for people clawing unremittingly forthe bloody scraps of her tortured soul.

Amy Winehouse: drunk or not drunk?

Conjecture about the cause of her death and has been many and varied and there are as many different claims to what she was doing prior to her demise. And that means somebody is lying. And that is not only pathetic, but also grotesque.

The toxicology report is due in three weeks. It’ll be interesting to see who was lying. And then let’s let Amy Winehouse really and finally rest in peace.

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