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Amy Winehouse puts her career in doubt with drunken Serbian showing


Amy Winehouse is back to her potent best – as a drunk party clown. This comes much to the disdain of her supporters who flocked to see her perform in Belgrade, Serbia as the first part of her European tour.

The much maligned songstress stumbled onto the stage and managed a hatful of songs during which she sang the wrong words and, to infuriate fans even more, mistook Belgrade for New York and Athens.

There’s drunk, and there’s Amy Winehouse.

Did Amy Winehouse star in Dawn of the Dead?

There is so much good will towards the well publicised alcoholic and despite her excesses it’s her talent as a singer and songwriter that still draws people in. Amy Winehouse is for all intents and purposes a modern day siren; her beautiful voice calling to the lost whereupon she cruelly sends their hopes crashing against the rocks of her addictions amid storms of self-abuse and loathing.

The saddest part of it all is that Winehouse showed absolutely zero respect for her Serbian supporters who paid in excess of €35 (3,500 dinars) which equates to around 10% of the average Serbian monthly income.

The fans in turn reacted angrily and dubbed the show as “the worst concert of all time.”

Amy Winehouse has further fuelled anger amongst her followers by cancelling two more concerts in Athens and Istanbul respectively, but has offered an apology saying that she felt her decision was the right choice because she was unable to perform to the best of her abilities.

Shame she can’t say the same about knocking back a bottle of wine before playing in Belgrade.

Amy Winehouse on a promo shoot in Dalston, London - January 2011

The English singer is no stranger to controversy but her actions of late indicate an individual who hasn’t learned from previous mistakes, and though she may well be viewed as a tragic, soul genius in the future in much the same way we see Billie Holiday now, the only core similarity they share is self-denigration.

A role model to Winehouse perhaps, certainly there are parallels between her and Billie Holiday

Winehouse is a good case for study though, a role model in how not to be; addiction has consumed her and all she cares for is hedonism. The good will she’s enjoyed to now will only last so long as people’s patience and wallets wear thin. She clearly has no desire to break free of her drug and alcohol addictions otherwise stints at The Priory would have fixed her.

The spiral for Winehouse only descends and yet there is tragedy in all this chaos; tragedy that a talented singer with soul has walked the wrong path with the wrong people. She has opted out of living in favour of drunken nights at her favourite Camden Town pubs which must come a lot easier than penning new material or drying out long enough to rehearse for a tour.

I pity her fans for they have invested their faith in a withering sandstorm.

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