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Amazing Race couple Chad and Stephanie married and pregnant


Amazing Race’s couple Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith have revealed that they are married and expecting their first child just months after being eliminated from the show.

The pair talked to People about life after their on-screen round-the-world adventures. Chad, a 26-year-old operations manager proposed to his girlfriend, 23-year-old Stephanie who works as a hair stylist, on the show after just 5 months of dating.

“He was acting funny before we left. We had talked about marriage. We knew immediately after meeting that we wanted to be together forever. But I didn’t think he’d have the guts to propose on The Race,“ Stephanie revealed.

So, why the big rush to get married, the magazine asked: “We were going to get married in March, but we didn’t see the point in waiting because I’m three months pregnant and due in June. In fact we’re driving back from Ponte Vedra Beach [in Florida], where we had a small wedding at a friend’s house,“ said the blushing bride.

But even for such a seemingly perfect pair, things have not always been easy. According to Chad, the Amazing Race saw the couple through more than just physical challenges.

“Ultimately, it made us so much stronger,“ he said. “Stephanie already knew I have a quick temper. But I proved to her that I learned I can’t be so demanding and that sometimes I need to take a step back. We know we can take on anything now. At the end of the day, we still love each other despite some of the things I said and did on The Race.“

“It was like couples therapy every night,“ Stephanie added. “We would talk without cameras around about what we would have changed about the leg. The stuff that happens behind closed doors is what heals us and makes us a better couple.“

The Amazing Race is an American reality-TV show, in which teams of two people, who already have a pre-existing relationship, race each other round the world. Contestants aim to be the first to arrive at “pit-stops“ at end of each leg of the race in order to win prizes. Those who arrive last are put up for elimination or face significant disadvantages in the next leg. Teams use all available methods of transportation and have to perform tasks along the way. They are guided by clues, which are rooted in the culture of the country they are currently in.

The series first aired in the USA in 2001 and has since won multiple awards, including eight Primetime Emmys.

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Images: Wikimedia Commons

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