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Alicia Silverstone welcomes baby Bear Blu into the world


Alicia Silverstone, advocate of the vegan diet and animal rights campaigner has at last welcomed a new face into her growing fold in the form of her son, the 7lbs 15 oz Bear Blu Jarecki.

The 34-year-old actress who appeared in such fare as Clueless, Blast from the Past and Batman & Robin, married husband Christopher Jarecki in June 2005 and Bear Blu is their first child.

Alicia Silverstone is an advocate of animal rights and the vegan lifestyle

Alicia Silverstone is something of an old fashioned individual and her high morals, standards and ethical beliefs have lent determination and authenticity to her work as a vegan and animal rights ambassador. She has taken part in many anti-fur campaigns and has also written books on the vegan diet and its excellent health benefits.

Speaking to the press on the new family’s behalf a representative said: “Mom and Dad are completely in love with their beautiful baby boy.”

Perhaps a career low point, the leather clad image of Batgirl is contrary to Alicia Silverstone's beliefs

And in her own blog, The Kind Life (with Alicia Silverstone) she wrote, “We are all three in love. I’m so grateful to this community for all the love, support, good wishes and happy vibes you’ve sent me during my pregnancy … it has been wonderful. Thank you all!’

No doubt she will be raising Bear Blu on a vegan diet and it’s encouraging to see that more and more people are prepared to lead the way when it comes to the natural human way of eating.

In her book, The Kind Diet, she talks of the impact our over-produced, mass transported and refrigerated foods have on the environment and animal world and gives us insights into the vegan world and its guilt-free conscience lifestyle.

With two films set for release in the near future, Vamps and Butter, the train never seems to stop for Alicia Silverstone but given her ideals she’ll be focused on giving her son the best possible start in life.

Alicia Silverstone at her eco-friendly home in Los Angeles

Not one for basking in the Hollywood limelight Silverstone is set to enjoy family life at her Californian eco-home which has been designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient by using solar panles to subsidise electric use and an organic vegetable patch where, like Jake Gyllenhaal, she grows her own food.

To round things off the actress and author also has a growing pack of rescued dogs to share her land with.

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