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Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga back to Tweeting


Last Wednesday the whole world got involved for World AIDS day.  The December 1st event sat centre stage of a week of activities and celebrity ventures designed to raise money and awareness.

As part of the main event many celebrities took part in the “Digital Death” campaign, where they vowed not to sign into their Twitter accounts again until they raised $1m for AIDS charities.

Today the celebs logged back in and thanks to their efforts, fans donations have totalled over the coveted million dollar mark.

Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga are but two names involved in the scheme, and along with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest, Usher and Kim Kardashian, they got back to tweeting on Monday when it was announced that “Keep a Child Alive” would be receiving the donations.

The above listed and more signed off Twitter and other social networking sites like Facebook, and requested that fans donate to the charity which supports families affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India.

The rules had it that the celebrities could sign back online when the $1 million fundraising goal was met. While the entertainers and their fans raised $500,000, Stewart Rahr, a philanthropist, matched their donations taking the total to $1 million.

Bono made a moving speech while on tour with U2 in Sydney which kicked off the week, and Sir Elton John wrote an editorial in The Independent (a British newspaper), both of which you can read about here. The article also contains the excellent video, “Universal Access.”

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