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Alicia Douvall steps out with swollen face after further surgeries


Former glamor model Alicia Douvall was recently seen with a swollen and bruised face after she succumbed to putting herself under the knife for yet another excruciating plastic surgery procedure. According to the Daily Mail, the 30 year old jetted off to America after surgeons in the UK refused to carry out any further operations. The lingerie designer has had over 100 cosmetic procedures to date, including having her jaw, mouth and nose reshaped. She has had an astounding 16 breast operations and even had her ribs shaved to make her waist smaller.

She has been diagnosed as suffering from body dysmorphic disorder and in an earlier interview Alicia Douvall, who changed her name from Sarah Howes, was quoted as saying that for her it is a constant struggle to beat her cosmetic surgery addiction. As reported by The Sun, she said ‘I’ve had so many operations I can’t feel my stomach, my left breast or anything under my right arm.’ She added ‘I’ve had 15 boob jobs. I’ve changed my eyes and nose, had facelifts. My philosophy is “if it can be changed it will be”.

She also revealed that in order to get away with having so many procedures she visits different doctors and often lies about her medical history. She added “Often, I’ll walk in, not even knowing what I want doing and say something like “What do you think might be wrong?” or “What do you think of my eyes?” I keep hoping one day I’ll wake up feeling happy with myself.”

Douvall was abused as a child by someone close to the family. “I killed off Sarah Howes a long time ago…All I ever wanted to do was reinvent myself as Alicia Douvall because I hated myself so much. I thought I was the ugliest person in the world.”

Stints in rehab have not helped the troubled celebrity to come to terms with herself and overcome her dangerous surgery obsession. She was most recently spotted with a bruised and swollen face after having further plastic surgery.

One cannot help but be concerned for the well-being of 14-year-old daughter Georgia with such a poor role model to look up to. When she was just 13 she asked her mother for breast implants for her birthday. However, she seems to have her feet firmly on the ground and is quoted by News of the World as saying, “Now I’m older I realize the damage you can do to your body with surgery. I’ve seen mum in so much pain. Even after 16 boob operations, she still isn’t happy. I don’t want to go down that road. I want to focus on my education.”

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