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Alex Reid pleas for sympathy by hinting at suicide


In what outwardly appears like a genuine show of emotion, actor Alex Reid has spoken of his bitter sadness and contemplation of suicide after his marriage to Katie Price ended.

“I was depressed… I’ve had some really dark moments over the last few weeks. At my lowest I thought it would be easier not to be here,” said Reid.

“I feel humiliated. It was horrible because I usually live life to the full. I’m a strong guy. I’m a fighter. But this has drained me and taken all my energy and vibrancy.”

Reid’s sudden admission could be seen as closure on what was a torrid relationship, but the fact he is doing so publicly makes it look more like a plea for sympathy. He claims he is defending himself against what he perceives to be personal attacks by Price who rapidly moved on after she abruptly ended their 11 month marriage.

Better known as Jordan, the former ‘model’ and constant self-hawker, Katie Price, ridiculed her latest husband on her new reality TV show, in particular laughing about his dress sense.

And while seeing his wife in public with her new man, Argentinian model Leandro Penna, drove the knife deeper, Reid should be thankful that he’s out of the picture. Jordan is a slimy, grotesque, attention whore and her life has been a constant quest for fame and the media spotlight.

Despite this obvious fact Reid is still devastated by the separation, but perhaps this episode will serve as a lesson in choosing partners more carefully in future; after all, Jordan has left enough clues in the past as to the type of person she really is.
“After what’s been said this week, and the stuff that’s been on television, it’s time for me to speak out and tell my story. Seeing pictures of her with another man whilst we are still married is awful. Yes, I’m in pain. And in the last few weeks I’ve felt anger, rage, despair…But there’s a big part of me that still loves her,” said a clearly generic Reid.

“When I first saw pictures of her and that bloke Leandro I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. I just thought ‘Jesus! How could she do that so soon, so publicly?'”

“This woman was, and still is, the big love of my life and leaving her was always going to be hard. I just wish it could have ended differently so that it hurt less. I would die for her and the kids.”

Or perhaps he won’t. Clearly his outburst is designed to try and win her back; a futile gesture from a desperately sad individual who might want to keep his feelings private in future to save the humiliation.

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