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Alex Jones and allegedly censored by “google evil”


Following the recent public unrest and concerns over privacy at the hands of TSA agents in airports, it seems one major player in cultivating the mini revolution against invasive search techniques and potentially harmful scanning machines, Alex Jones and his website, have reportedly been censored by Google and the Department of Homeland Security.

We recently reported that Janet Napolitano had been accused of lying to the public over safety concerns and that contrary to her statement in USA Today, many medical and scientific outlets of good repute had found the large X-Ray scanning machines now seen at most US airports to be potentially hazardous.

The potential risks to human health include skin cancer and radiation related ailments in unborn children, especially frequent flyers who have to pass security checks several times per week.

Alex Jones has been at the front of the charge against the TSA and Janet Napolitano and her crew at the Department of Homeland Security, stating that the invasive search techniques called “pat downs” and the use of scanning equipment (which takes revealing 3D image of people) are in direct violation of American citizens’ basic statutory rights and contravenes the 4th Amendment as written by the founding fathers. and are both run by Alex Jones and he uses the sites as a “freedom of speech” platform to speak out against what he sees as the evils of the world through careful and thorough research, and well delivered documentaries and news articles.

Jones has previously incurred the wrath of high level politicians and governors, but today, if reports are to be believed, it appears that Google have stepped in with the DHS to put some kind of gagging restraint on Jones and his libertarian free speech movement.

Following the wikileaks incident it would appear that internet censorship is growing in intensity and one has to ask where or how it will stop.

Alex Jones is not the sort of person to take these things lying down and he will undoubtedly find a way to continue telling the truth of things as he sees it.

Read our previous article about Janet Napolitano and more on the effects of skin cancer.

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