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Adrianne Palicki to be the new face of Wonder Woman


Adrianna Palicki is set to be the new face of Wonder Woman in a pilot episode for NBC.

I remember being awestruck as a 7 year old when Lynda Carter portrayed the spinney, bullet dodging, stars and strips clad Hero, particularly as she had such a nice smile.

It’s been decades since the glut of superhero TV shows graced our screens, the last major shows I remember coming during the late 70’s to late 80’s, with names such as the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and Wonder Woman being regular fare for a hero wannabe like myself.

Sadly I’m too old to care about such things now, save for a little nostalgia, but it’s good to see that a new generation of kids will get to enjoy the big haired, hot panted, cleavage stricken heroine strutting her stuff; even if they do grow up to develop superhero gaming addictions which ruin all their relationships.

Palicki, 27, has previously starred in Friday Night Lights as Tyra Collette, Lone Star and Supernatural, as well as a one off appearance in Smallville.

As previously mentioned, Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman was originally played by Lynda Carter between 1976 and 1979, but Carter hit the rocks a little after the series ended and subsequently fell into alcoholism.

She battled with the disease for many years although initially she was in denial about her drinking problem and refused to see it as an illness. Eventually she started to see the patterns of her behaviour; long periods with no drinking the lapses back into it, all of which affected her state of mind terribly.

She now helps recovering addicts but has said that it’s still a battle everyday, even after years of recovery, and that you never stop being an alcoholic – you just learn not to indulge the addict in you.

That’s a real life Wonder Woman for you.

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