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ADHD sufferer Jamie Oliver promotes healthy eating


While the precise cause of attention deficit disorder, ADD or ADHD, is unknown, research suggests it may come as a result of genetics, social factors, and environmental factors, which can include diet.

Eating habits also contribute to the impact of ADHD on children or adults. Though many suffer from this disorder, only few are aware of the fact that eating right and eating healthy food can help in managing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Famous British chef Jamie Oliver suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in his childhood days. On his struggle throughout his childhood with ADD, quotes the celebrity chef as saying:  “It was with great regret that I didn’t do better at school.

“People just thought I was thick, it was a struggle, I never really had anyone to help and who could bring out my strengths.”

Since he got to the roots of the disorder, he focused on creating awareness among school kids for adopting healthy eating habits.

Oliver took the initiative and launched a campaign in Britain to ban unhealthy food in schools across Britain. Through his show called “Jamie’s School Dinners”, he taught various recipes that could help fight attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. He insisted on adopting fresh, tasty and nutritious food instead of junk food and always raised his voice against junk food provided in the school canteens.

Jamie, thinking about how children do not eat nutritious food, according to the Mirror, once said, “Many kids can tell you about drugs but do not know what celery or courgettes taste like.”

According to Jamie Oliver, improper eating habits account to this disorder where child’s mental development is hampered and he launched various campaigns for both parents and children to promote healthy food through his recipes.

As the condition in Britain is shockingly bad in terms of unhealthy eating habits among children, Jamie, showing his concern said: “With Britain consuming more processed food than the rest of Europe put together, it’s a sad fact that most people just aren’t confident enough to cook any more”.

Other celebrities who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD include Will SmithMichael PhelpsJim Carrey and Robin Williams.

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