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Addictions and rehab: Drew Barrymore and her child star woes


Drew Barrymore is a renowned American Actress, producer and the director with great career success. She was inclined towards acting and wanted to pursue it when she first appeared in an advertisement at a tender age of eleven months. Barrymore marked her career debut in 1980 with a film called ‘Altered States’ and then ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’, which first put her on the map.  She made her name as the leading child artist in Hollywood films and established herself in the comic genre.

Early success also brought with it an unstable childhood with her falling into the trap of drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Already smoking, drinking, smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine by the age of 13, she entered the Orchid rehabilitation center. She left after only having been there for three weeks, after which her mother hired investigators to find her and drag her back. A suicide attempt at the age of 14 saw her go back to rehab. At the age of 16, Drew co-wrote a book on her life, called ‘Little Girl Lost’.

Despite a few shaky attempts at sobriety and some relapses, Drew claims she hasn’t relapsed since her mid teens. After Drew’s recovery, there was no looking back and she climbed the stairs to success. She rose to fame with hits including ‘Boys on the Side’, ‘Batman Forever’, ‘The Wedding Singer’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’. Barrymore won the Emmy award for her performance in ‘Olive, the other Reindeer’.

In 1995, Drew opened her own production house with the name ‘Flower Films’ and produced many hits including ‘Never Been Kissed’, ‘Donnie Darko’, ‘Fever Pitch’, ’50 First Dates’ and ‘Duplex’. She also made her presence felt in the international platform when she was made the brand ambassador for United Nations World Food Programme.

Today Barrymore is considered as the top actresses of Hollywood and has done away with her addictions leading a happy and successful life. Though Drew Barrymore had faced some rough years in her life she fought them with a brave heart and started her own charity and has enjoyed staying in company of good people. Her love for her art and people has made her come out of the dark phase of her life.

Image:, Author: David Shankbone.

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