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Adam Sandler had not died


Adam Sandler has become the latest victim of an online celebrity death hoax.

An article by Global Associated News claimed that Adam Sandler died while at a ski resort in Switzerland on Tuesday.

The false report claimed that the actor had an unfortunate accident after he lost control of his snowboard, which was going at a very high speed, and struck a tree, causing his death. Sandler was also said to have been airlifted to a nearby local hospital for medical assistance, but that he died on the spot due to the impact of the crash, Seedol reports.

The Vancouver Sun also claims that it was, a site dedicated to mythbusting, who eventually got down to the bottom of the story by contacting Sandler’s PR agent and cited them as saying: β€œIt’s completely not true and such irresponsible journalism.”

Sandler is the latest in a number of stars who has had to respond to a Christmas death rumour – publicists representing singer Aretha Franklin, actor Charlie Sheen (who was coincidentally also said to be killed in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland) and pop star Aaron Carter have all spoken out to clear up false reports, the Toronto Sun reports.

Aretha Franklin has been recovering from pancreatic cancer, but is still very much alive.

Morgan Freeman was erroneously reported dead on December 16th, the Vancouver Sun states. The hoax, started by a single tweet, was then followed up by another tweet, claiming to be CNN and making the death look authentic.

It seems the celebrity death hoax trend is taking the internet by storm and exposing a society obsessed with the rich and famous. Readers crave big gossip and some news providers are prepared to go to any lengths to give it to them, even if it means twisting the facts a little – or in some cases, making them up altogether.

One celebrity has caught onto the trend. Kim Kardashian decided to beat the gossip mongers to it, by pretending to be dead for a cyber campaign to raise money for charity.

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