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A review of the Super Bowl XLV… Advertising?!


After weeks of build up the big day finally arrived accompanied by the usual fanfare and party atmosphere. The fans were buzzing and banter was flying back and forth across internet forums and through phone-ins on sports shows.

There’d been big announcements from sponsors, fears over extreme weather conditions and black-outs, red alerts on transportation to Dallas; but by 6pm EST everything had fallen beautifully into place and the Super Bowl XLV kicked off.

Liz Hurley shows off her Brazilian.

For the fans who made it to the game they will have missed out on the bizarre advertising that slipped into the half time segment of the match, while viewers at home will no doubt have been bewildered by the commercials on hand, not least those promoting Groupon.

The company shot three short adverts featuring various celebrities, including Liz Hurley, who began their respective shorts talking about various environmental concerns, like the depletion of whale populations, the plight of Tibet and deforestation of Brazilian rainforests.

The commercials are a little too blasé about these world problems, but perhaps the most offensive element of all is the mental image of Liz Hurley with a Brazilian wax job.

While it’s good that the company is pushing the environmental concerns out to a bigger audience and potentially raising awareness, they shoot them down in the next breath.

“Tibet is in trouble but they still find time to make a great curry.” Hilarious. No really.

No, you’re right, it’s not hilarious; it’s pathetic.

The adverts could have been funny and ironic, while still respecting the situations they use to promote their pointless products, but the lack of real intelligence on the part of those responsible is painfully evident. To add insult to injury they chose actors whose careers never went anywhere and are now firmly up on the shelf, gathering dust where they belong.

So here comes the rant; but not from me. I only suggest they follow the advice of the awesome Bill Hicks who once said, “If you’re in advertising, kill yourself.”

Please let us know your thoughts on the Groupon adverts, are they funny, sad, pathetic, clever or what? Leave a comment.

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