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47th Anniversary of JFK’s assassination overlooked by the media


The 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated on 22nd November, 1963 while on diplomatic business in Dallas, Texas.  Sat in the back of the presidential limousine with his wife Jackie, he was shot first in the back and was killed by a decisive shot to the head.

Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of killing Kennedy but he too was shot dead by Jack Ruby just two days later, before a trial could be set up.

Many questions have hung around the neck of the Kennedy assassination and the nation is very strongly divided as to whether Oswald was a lone gun man with a vendetta against the president, or that he was a stooge put in place to cover up an inside job.

Comedian and political commentator Bill Hicks often talked of the JFK assassination, in particular the evidence given to “convince” the public that Oswald fired from a sniper’s nest on the sixth floor of the school book repository (now the famous JFK Assassination Museum).  He visited the museum himself and was incredulous at what he saw.

“They have the window set up to look exactly like it did on that day, and it’s really accurate you know, because Oswald’s not in it,”  quips Hicks, “it’s true, it’s called the sniper’s nest, it’s glassed in, it’s got the boxes sitting there and you can’t actually get to the window itself.”

“The reason they did that of course is they didn’t want thousands of American tourists getting there each year going – YOU CAN’T SEE THE ******* ROAD!”

The somnambulant public

Somnambulism; a condition also known as sleep walking.  Sufferers are able to act as if awake, often carrying out normal everyday tasks despite being completely unconscious.  One woman sent a very coherent invitation to friend via email and had no recollection of the event – a common symptom of somnambulism.  The activities carried out while sleep walking can be very dangerous and cases have included driving, cooking, writing, violent gestures and even homicide.

It seems odd that the media aren’t jumping on the JFK story today as his life and death has captured the American public’s attention for over fifty years now.  Perhaps the somnambulant public has forgotten what it means to question anything, especially how the evidence – both circumstantial and scientific – stacks strongly against the Lee Harvey Oswald story.  But then again, the media has put them to sleep.

The only real solution is to look at the evidence yourself and make your own mind up but with so many people disputing the spin from media and officials at the time of his death, it’s hard to ignore the possibility that John F. Kennedy was indeed murdered by a government insider.

What do you think?  Was it an inside job or was Oswald definitely guilty?  Please let us know by leaving a comment.

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