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Pet Stores Ban Sale of Pets

Cruelty to animals is arrogant and smacks of both ignorance and cowardice. They are just like us except they are smaller, furrier and without ego or malice. Ergo they are better.

Scarlet Fever hits Singapore as record cases are reported

40 new cases of Scarlet Fever have been reported in Hong Kong over the past two days which adds to the 419 already noted this year, pushing the total cases so far to over three times last year’s total and setting a new high for the city.

Suntan culture: Dying for your vanity

I still see the holidaymakers splayed across the beach like badly creosoted lobster or lined up like a row of old moccasins in a second hand shoe shop in search of the perfect suntan.

Smallpox? Bigpox more like.

In 2002, scientists created a synthetic virus – worryingly by using instructions they’d found on the internet, meaning that even if Smallpox is destroyed, the virus could still be manufactured by some nutjob knob jockey terrorist.

420 DUDE – Let's skin up!

Today is a very special day in the junkie calendar as across the globe the unwashed and unmotivated unite in order to ignite and celebrate 420 – an official holiday dedicated to dope heads.

Cereal Killer: Is breakfast cereal really good for you?

If breakfast cereal is the healthy start to the day, packed with vitamins and other beneficial elements that keep us healthy and svelte, then how come A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna avoid them like they were a plague of rabid locusts intent on eating the eyeballs of their young?

17 Day Diet is the latest weight loss fad

The latest diet to be doing the rounds is “The 17 Day Diet” created by Dr. Michael Moreno. The diet works in four different phases and Moreno claims the effects of the diet will last a lifetime. Didn’t Dr. Atkins say something like that?

More sleep can aid weight loss

Those who get enough sleep and don’t get stressed are apparently more likely to succeed in the battle against the bulge.

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