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Vegetarian Christmas dinner – no turkeys were harmed

A lot of people get caught up with the idea that they need a meat substitute which is all well and good, but let’s dispense with that notion, and instead concentrate on putting together a dinner that will taste great and satisfy your appetite, while still maintaining a traditional Christmas feel.

The Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet is the invention of Dr. Peter D’Adamo and claims that optimal nutrition is determined by a person’s blood group.

The Dukan Diet

Looking for an effective way to lose weight without giving up delicious foods? Read More about Dr. Dukan’s weight loss methods.

The Dr. Andrew Weil Diet

It is a proven fact that eating less will help in weight reduction. Losing weight is not easy, and as many of us are aware: in order to obtain something sometimes we must compromise. This philosophy is a part of Dr. Andrew Weil Diet which works on the fundamental of “Eat less, exercise more”.

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