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The Alternate Day Diet: not an alternative.

One day you can eat chips, gateau, ice cream, cookies, beer and hot dogs, deep fried cheese and clotted cream sandwiches, pepperoni pizza dipped in chocolate double-deep-fried and rolled in sugar. Twice. And the next day you compensate by pretty much fasting.

Dukan play at that game – the Dukan diet

I don’t trust any diet that favors protein over green vegetables. To me that’s just ludicrous. Any diet that encourages such a system is controversial, and more than likely hazardous to the health and the Dukan diet is just that.

Sensa weight loss products are another false hope

If obesity is a disease of the body and society, then a by-product of this modern sickness is the frantic drive to get a ‘safe’ weight loss pill on the market. The latest case to come to light is that of Sensa Products.

From hamburgers to salads: Aretha Franklin reveals her weight loss secrets

The Queen of soul is looking slimmer and healthier than she has in many years — much to the surprise of her fans, who for months have been led to believe that she is suffering from incurable pancreatic cancer. In a recent interview, Aretha Franklin sheds some light on how she is shaping up.

Wolverine: Hugh Jackman bulks up with high-calorie diet

On the red carpet a trim and toned physique is the norm. But for movie roles, actors are often required to subject themselves to extreme body transformations, shedding or gaining a significant amount of weight and devoting themselves to months of physically gruelling training.

The worst celebrity diets of the year

It’s nearing that dreaded time of year where the post-festive season guilt kicks in and we get caught up with the countless thouands in the desperate frenzy to knock off the Christmas kilos and transform our stodgy bodies into the stuff of our dreams. Fast. Now.

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