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Katy Perry's weight secrets

Curvacious Katy Perry who has been flaunting her body once again as she promotes her new fragrance Purr is happy to talk about the one subject most of us don’t feel comfortable talking about – her weight. “I was shaped like a square at one time. I was! I’m generally around 130 pounds, which is […]

Christian Bale blasts critic for weight-loss comment

Christian Bale has once again undergone an extreme diet in order to dramatically alter his body, this time for his latest role in The Fighter. The actor, who previously lost 63 pounds of weight in order to play the protagonist in The Machinist, has lost one third of his body weight so that he can realistically […]

Hugh Jackman bulks up for Wolverine

Movie stars are often called upon to transform their physiques in order to play particular parts. Christian Bale famously lost large amounts of weight in order to play the lead in The Machinist; Elle MacPherson gained weight for her role in Sirens; and Rene Zellweger plumped in order to play the chubby protagonist in Bridget […]

Khloe Kardashian's weight dilemma

Anyone with a head knows that the world of celebrity is a fickle place at best. Its face changes frequently. Khloe Kardashian, youngest of the famous-for-who-knows-what sisters, is having to live in the shadow of Kim and Kourtney, although if current talk from the Kardashian Kamp is correct, perhaps it’s them living in her shadow. Khloe is […]

Worst celebrity diets of the year

With Christmas over, we’ve almost reached that time of year where like thousands of others we try to desperately transform our wobbly post-festive season bodies into something that almost resembles a human body. Because we’re quite a silly bunch we will often look to celebrities and their magic diets for guidance on how we can […]

Amy Adams refuses on not losing baby weight

Unlike most celebrity moms who feel under immense pressure to quickly shed their baby weight within moments of giving birth, new mother Amy Adams is apparently refusing to adopt the same drastic measures that  so many other Hollywood stars do. The Oscar nominee gave birth to a daughter seven months ago and admits that whilst […]

Kelly Osbourne nearly had a gastric surgery

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, famous for being chubby, loud mouthed and obnoxious  has been gracing the pages of all the kinds of glossy magazines you’d expect the ex-goth to hate – most recently in nothing but a bikini for the cover of girly health mag – Shape. The outspoken star has publicly battled with the bulge for […]

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