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Lily Allen speaks up about bulimia

Lily Allen has opened up about how she was suffering from an eating disorder when her music career was at its peak in a revealing documentary. It’s not surprising that the pressures of fame and the need to look a certain way eventually manifested itself in bulimia – a self-destructive eating disorder characterized by self-induced vomiting […]

Anorexia claims life of French model Isabelle Caro

French model Isabelle Caro has died, after complications with anorexia, an illness that she has suffered with since the age of just 13. Having recently posed nude for an anti-anorexia campaign, the harrowing images of her naked form are incredibly disturbing and upsetting. The fact that the illness ultimately claimed her life makes it all […]

January Jones loses weight for new film part

January Jones – one of the many beautiful stars of retro hit Mad Men is one of the latest stars to have lost substantial amounts of weight for a role. The actress who plays Betty Draper in the series, is going down the dress size ladder in order to step into the shoes of Emma Frost […]

Pepsi's skinny-can upsets the rest of us

Pepsi’s new skinny can sounds fairly innocent, but it’s the accompanying press release, coupled with the fact that it debuted at the New York Fashion Week that is making folk get all kind of angry. “In celebration of beautiful, confident women, Diet Pepsi presents the taller, sassier new Skinny Can…, ” the press release states, and BNET […]

Crystal Renn – model yo-yo dieter

Crystal Renn starved herself to become a size 0 when she was a teenager, and then at size 16 she took to the catwalks as a plus-size model. She has been — much to her anger— Photoshopped so that she appears a size 2 when in fact she was a size 10, and now at […]

Kenneth Tong upsets on Twitter

A former Big Brother contestant – Kenneth Tong – has triggered outrage after referring to what he calls “managed anorexia” on Twitter.. Tong, a self-declared “playboy” from Hong Kong, started invoking the wrath of fellow Tweeters on 1 January when he tweeted updates such as “skinny arms are hot”, “stipulate the Size Zero commandment”, and “Thankful […]

Elton John's bulimia and drug addiction

The rock legend that is Elton John has spoken openly about his private battles with both bulimia and drug addiction during an interview with the Chicago Sun Times. “It really was Elvis Presley time again,” the legend said. “[Rock] isn’t a normal life. You get cut off from people, isolated. It’s easy to lose your […]

Victoria Beckham admits to eating disorders

Victoria Beckham has finally admitted to having suffered from an eating disorder in her first book Learning to Fly in which she tells of her relentless battle to look good. In the book, the former Spice Girl details how she became“obsessed” with her body and with her appearance during the time when her career with the […]

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