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Paula Abdul battled bulimia for years

Famous American dancer, recording artist and American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, admits her life is a perfect learning example to anyone suffering from bulimia. Known for her great dance moves, figure hugging outfits and a string of 80s hits including, “What have you done for me lately?” she enojyed critical acclaim in the public eye […]

Mary-Kate Olsen developed anorexia from living in her sister's shadow

A startling amount of young celebrities suffer with eating disorders during their lives. The two seem inextricably linked and yet the exact causes of conditions such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa still remain unclear. Many medical professionals have suggested that factors such as low self esteem, a tendency towards obsessive compulsive behaviour and external pressures […]

Kirsten Haglund overcame anorexia to become Miss America

Kirsten Haglund was crowned Miss America in 2008 but the road to that achievement was a potted and broken one. Her biggest obstacle was a battle with anorexia which troubled her for four years prior to the pageant. The former Miss Michigan said the eating disorder began when she was just 15 years old. There […]

Kate Moss says she was never anorexic

Supermodel Kate Moss has long made headlines for things she says as much as the things she does. Not so long back there was a famously documented cocaine scandal which went hand in hand with her non-stop party lifestyle. She became a media darling when dating Pete Docherty and for a time it was hard […]

Kate Beckinsale was anorexic from age 15

The life of famous actress Kate Beckinsale has been a rough ride in some aspects. Before she stepped into the acting profession she was battling anorexia from the age of 15. Speaking openly to the media about her severe anorexia the ‘Underworld’ actress said: “I believe anorexia, alcoholism and drug abuse in teens are more […]

Jessica Alba's long fight against eating disorders

In the sinfully “perfect” world of television and cinema, many actresses suffer from eating disorders and Jessica Alba will be among the first to put up her hand and admit she privately battled against anorexia. Like so many before her she was made painfully aware of her body shape by exposure to the media and […]

Fiona Apple denies anorexia but lost weight because of rape

Fiona Apple, an American singer and songwriter, has had her share of tribulations having suffered with eating disorders amongst other things. Her lonely descent into food deprivation started after she was raped outside her home when she was just twelve years old. Unsurprisingly this had an extremely adverse and horrifying effect on the young girl […]

Elton John battled ego and bulimia

Pop legend Elton John is among many celebrities who have been into rehabilitation for treatment, but unlike most he went in for treatment of two issues simultaneously. After cleaning himself up he spoke openly about his private battles in an interview in 1992. Elton explains his reasons for entering rehab to the Chicago Sun-Times. “It […]

Elisa Donovan recovered from anorexia

Elisa Donovan is an actress who shot to fame playing the role of the bitchy ‘Amber’ opposite Alicia Silverstone in ‘Clueless’. Her career continued to roll on successfully when she was handed the role of Morgan Cavanaugh in the hit TV show ‘Sabrina, The Teenage Witch’. But Elisa had her difficulties off camera and harboured […]

Daniel Johns and his struggle with Anorexia

An eating disorder is an extreme condition and is usually marked by experiences where a person suffers from extreme disturbances in eating behaviour including reduction in food consumption or overeating. One much loved rock star, Daniel Johns of Silverchair. had a terrible time with anorexia and came very close to committing suicide because of it. […]

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