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Katy Perry's Hard Drug Habits Were Cause For Divorce

After the dust has settled on Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s ill-fated marriage there are some pointers emerging from the wreckage which indicate that Perry was the real problem at the heart of it all. According to a close friend of the pair she had become the antithesis of Brand; a man who was publicly […]

Greenday's Billie Joe Armstrong Flies Off His Rocker and Into Rehab

All is not well for Greenday frontman Billie Joe Armstrong who looks set for a long stint in rehab for treatment of substance abuse. The post-punk-pop-rock-but-mainly-pop singer has been under the hammer in the past 12 months and the signs of mounting pressure started to become publicly evident. After a tantrum in Las Vegas where […]

Jimmy Saville Fixed it for Himself

Jimmy Saville is still making the headlines after is death but for all the wrong reasons. The former Radio 1 DJ, children’s presenter and tireless charity worker was highly respected by the public during his living days and seen as a shining light for disenfranchised children the world over. Now however, after allegations of child […]

Charlie Sheen Shrugs Off Breakdown

Charlie Sheen has been through his fair share of woes in the past few years and his social and mental demise between 2010 and 2011 was well documented by just about every news outlet on the planet. After a failed attempt at a live touring show which left audiences baffled and less than amused, and […]

Booze killed Amy Winehouse

I guess we all knew that the coroner’s report would blame alcohol for the death of Amy Winehouse. Alcohol had sure played a great part in the chanteuse’s downfall  ever since the paparazzi first spotted the singer wandering the back streets of Camden Town like she was white trash. It didn’t take long for the […]

Jessica White positive despite cocaine overdose

Despite a cocaine overdose and a pending assault charge, Jessica White is counting her blessings and still managing to look at life in a positive way. Right now she’s happy with the way her life is going, “I’m living out every girl’s dream,” says the former model. And with a starring role in the video for […]

Christina Aguilera – should she be in rehab?

It’s Christina Aguilera who is the latest star to be rumored to be in need of a small stint in rehab. An incident that resulted in the singer’s arrest for public intoxication is the latest in a spate of events that might indicate that the blonde bombshell has gone off the rails and could do […]

Whitney Houston dead

Whitney Houston was found dead in the hotel room of the Beverly Hills Hilton on Saturday on the eve of her scheduled appearance at the Grammy Awards. There is much speculation as to the cause of the diva’s death with some claiming she overdosed on a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol that led to […]

Lindsay Lohan's ongoing battle with addiction

Lindsay Lohan has managed to get herself into more hot water with the law these last few months, having spent more time behind bars, once for violating her probation, and another for failing a drugs test. Just as things were beginning to look up and having just finished a stint in rehab courtesy of Betty Ford […]

Charlie Sheen in 36-hour drug binge

Hollywood’s favorite hell-raiser and star of the US sitcom Two And Half Men, Charlie Sheen, has thankfully gone into rehab after a 36-hour binge of drugs and drink that involved various porn ‘actresses’. During the binge he admitted to one of the ‘actresses’ that he had lost all his teeth and that he had had them […]

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