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Betty Ford left and extraordinary life behind

Betty Ford, former first lady and founder of the acclaimed Betty Ford Center died at the incredible age of 93 while under the care of medical staff at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho, Mirage. She passed away peacefully as a result of natural causes after a life of trials and tribulations which led to […]

Andy Irons died of a heart attack after drug cocktail

After the saddening and untimely death of world champion surfer, Andy Irons, in November 2010 his family released the results of his autopsy. It was initially thought his death came as a result of Dengue ever but the coroner’s report indicated that he in fact died of a heart attack around 30 hours after taking cocaine. […]

The 27 Club Welcomes Amy Winehouse

At the age of 27, Amy Winehouse’s ‘untimely’ death afforded her a lifetime membership to the ‘27 Club‘ – a group of notable musicians who also died at the age of 27. And she’s in good company as the 27 Club is home to some of the most influential musical names from the last 50 […]

Why is Amy Winehouse dead?

So the world’s most famous alcoholic and junkie is dead at last. Amy Winehouse has finally escaped from the misery of destructive addiction that played out as the world salaciously watched and salivated, savouring every picture of her bruised, bedraggled, bleeding and intoxicated body. But when the self-destructive girl was abnormally clean and healthy, no one […]

Jessica White overcame drugs to become a humanitarian

Jessica White was not always the archetypal ‘good girl’, a cocaine OD and an assault charge marring her record, but despite those issues she has stayed positive and counted her blessings to get her through her difficult times. Her list of plus points includes a starring role in the video for a Kelly Rowland track, […]

This is the end: Jim Morrison

In June 2011 fans gathered around the grave of The Doors’ legendary frontman, Jim Morrison at the Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris, to pay tribute to him thirty years after his passing. There was a strong security presence in and around the cemetery on the day, French police anticipating the same trouble that has marred previous […]

Denise Richards Taught Her Children About Addiction at an Early Age

After a difficult marriage with Charlie Sheen and his later, very public explosion, Denise Richards has admitted she found it hard shielding her children from the devastating glare of his obvious mental health and possible addiction problems. Sheen’s meteoric capitulation hit the headlines almost on a daily basis for several months of 2011 but after […]

Betty Ford's Legacy a Hope for all Addicts

Betty Ford, former first lady and founder of the acclaimed Betty Ford Center, passed away of natural causes aged 93 while in the care of staff at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage back in July 2011 and left a meaningful legacy to all addicts of the world. Born in 1918 in Chicago on the […]

Whitney Houston Died of Excess

For many it came as no surprise when eighties pop queen Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room at the Beverly Hills Hilton on the eve of her appearance at the Grammy Awards on February 11, 2012, following years of very public substance abuse. At the time there was much speculation as to […]

Dennis Quaid Talks About Cocaine and Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Dennis Quaid is one of those actors we all know well yet has never really hit the heights his potential suggested he would when he emerged in the 1980s. He disappeared off the radar in the early 90s while he dealt with a serious cocaine addiction. It also appears that Dennis was dealing with anorexia […]

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