Sick Celebrities

Day: October 29, 2012

Bill Hicks succumbed to pancreatic cancer

Bill Hicks was best known as an American stand-up comedian and his routines offered a satirical and often angry commentary on social, political and philosophical issues, as well as what he liked to call “dick jokes“. He died of pancreatic cancer aged just 32 and only gained real acclaim years afterwards, but it is widely […]

Bob Marley's death from cancer was preventable

Reggae legend Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley died of cancer on May 11th 1981 at the age of 36. The illness stemmed from an innocuous toe injury sustained during a football game in May 1977. Due to his Rastafari belief that the body must remain “whole”, Marley refused to have his toe amputated even after doctors […]

Denise Borino-Quinn died of cancer aged 46

Denise Borino-Quinn was famous for her role as the wife of a mob boss in the extremely popular award-winning HBO series, The Sopranos, died of cancer in 2010 at the young age of 46. She passed away after a long term battle with liver cancer at Morristown Memorial Hospital, New Jersey. A mass funeral was […]

Elizabeth Edwards was a great example to all cancer victims

Elizabeth Edwards’ long standing battle with cancer came to a tragic end on Tuesday 7th December, 2010. She died at her home in Chapel Hill, her family and friends at her bedside as she passed away. Just a few days prior to her passing doctors had told Elizabeth that further treatment was pointless as the stage […]

Quiet George Harrison was beset by tumors

George Harrison was a member of undoubtedly the most famous group ever to have existed in the history of modern music. When Beatle-mania struck the United States and spread to the rest of the world, he was there in the thick of it alongside John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, playing on the biggest […]

Jane Fonda believes she was blessed to survive breast cancer

Actress and fitness guru Jane Fonda recovered from an operation to remove a cancerous growth from her breast and a few years on is back in good spirits, working on more lifestyle books and DVDs aimed at inspiring others to keep fit and healthy. At the time she said that she was lucky that her […]

Luciano Pavarotti died from pancreatic cancer

Luciano Pavarotti was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2006 the operatic legend lived for just over one year with the disease before his life ended in September 2007 at the age of 71. In 2005 the classically trained singer underwent neck surgery and back surgery in 2006, but after those procedures various complications developed. […]

Michael C Hall overcame Hodgkins Lymphoma

It was back on October 1st, 2006 when the world first caught a glimpse of Dexter, an emotionally bankrupt serial killer with just enough of a conscience to avoid slaughtering the innocent. He was able to cover his criminal (or vigilante) tracks thanks to his foster father’s expert guidance and through the knowledge he obtained […]

Nancy Reagan won fight with breast cancer

From an actress to the First Lady of the United States of America through her husband Ronald, she transitioned beautifully from one varied role to the next. Establishing trends, openly and actively supporting causes and standing strong in the face of challenges, Nancy Reagan was never far away from the news. She was involved in […]

Robert De Niro won battle with prostate cancer

Revered actor, Rober De Niro, discovered that he had prostate cancer in October 2003 after a regular health check at his doctor’s. The Raging Bull star’s prognosis looked good from the beginning, his doctors praising his efforts to keep in good health, both physically and mentally. His representative, Stan Rosenfield, stated back then: “Doctors say […]

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