Sick Celebrities

Day: October 28, 2012

Jessica White overcame drugs to become a humanitarian

Jessica White was not always the archetypal ‘good girl’, a cocaine OD and an assault charge marring her record, but despite those issues she has stayed positive and counted her blessings to get her through her difficult times. Her list of plus points includes a starring role in the video for a Kelly Rowland track, […]

This is the end: Jim Morrison

In June 2011 fans gathered around the grave of The Doors’ legendary frontman, Jim Morrison at the Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris, to pay tribute to him thirty years after his passing. There was a strong security presence in and around the cemetery on the day, French police anticipating the same trouble that has marred previous […]

John Walker died after battle with liver cancer

Liver cancer finally claimed the life of John Walker (Nee John Maus), founder member of seminal sixties pop outfit The Walker Brothers, the musician passing away at his home in LA after battled bravely with the illness for six months. During the Swingin’ Sixties The Walker Brothers played their part in defining the sound of […]

Kylie Minogue breaks down in interview about breast cancer

In what is being touted her most raw and candid interview ever, Kylie Minogue opened up about her harrowing battle with breast cancer with her close friend Molly Meldrum on an Australian television program, to share her story of recovery with other women suffering with the illness. The emotional interview, during which the diminutive singer […]

Martin Luther King remembered by his son

“Early morning, April 4th; a shot rings out in the Memphis sky… Free at last, they took your life but they could not take your pride.” U2’s timeless classic, “Pride in the Name of Love” summed up the death of the freedom fighter and civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., whose battle cost him […]

Nick Ashford died of throat cancer

Nick Ashford, who enjoyed a great career with wife Valerie Simpson during which they wrote hit Motown songs such as “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand” and “I’m Every Woman”, died as a result of throat cancer at the age of 70 in April 2011. Ashford, from Michigan, met Valerie […]

Columbo legend Peter Falk died with Dementia

A squinty eyed man in a dowdy raincoat was on the television one evening, his tousled black mop of hair capped his overall scruffiness and his appearance was somewhat creepy to the watching six year old, a feeling intensified by the man’s thick, gruff accent. At that very young age I took an instant dislike […]

Sufjan Stevens suffers with depression

Poor Idiosyncratic contemporary folkster Sufjan Stevens has revealed that watching Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox led to him suffering a nervous breakdown. During an interview with UK newspaper The Observer, the quirky singer/songwriter acknowledged that he’d been afflicted by mental health issues which affected him so heavily that doctors proscribed avoiding crowded rooms and noise. […]

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