Sick Celebrities

Day: October 19, 2012

Lady Gaga Wants You to Join the Body Revolution

As role models go there is a vastly divided opinion on Lady Gaga. Sure, she’s done a lot to try and help young, disenfranchised people find their place in the universe and been an advocate for anti-suicide and depression, but her methodology is questionable as she has a budget and backroom team that most of […]

Isabelle Caro Wanted to be a Living Example of the Dangers of Anorexia

French model Isabelle Caro died after complications with long running difficulties with anorexia, an illness which began at the age of 13. Before her death, Caro posed naked for an anti-anorexia campaign and the images presented, although disturbing and upsetting, were aimed at highlighting just how destructive the eating disorder can be so that others […]

Kate Winslet Blames Hollywood for Eating Disorder Craze

With a heavyweight pedigree in the movie industry and hit flicks like ‘Titanic’ behind her, Kate Winslet is up there with the most respected and appreciated actresses in Hollywood. Despite having to take flak for supposed difficulties with her weight throughout her life, starting in her childhood when she was considered chubby, the highly successful […]

Whitney Houston Died of Excess

For many it came as no surprise when eighties pop queen Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room at the Beverly Hills Hilton on the eve of her appearance at the Grammy Awards on February 11, 2012, following years of very public substance abuse. At the time there was much speculation as to […]

Dennis Quaid Talks About Cocaine and Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Dennis Quaid is one of those actors we all know well yet has never really hit the heights his potential suggested he would when he emerged in the 1980s. He disappeared off the radar in the early 90s while he dealt with a serious cocaine addiction. It also appears that Dennis was dealing with anorexia […]

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