Sick Celebrities

Day: October 18, 2012

Andy Williams Loses His Year Long Battle With Cancer

Legendary crooner Howard Andrew “Andy” Williams, born December 3, 1927, was a true American Idol long before the crass TV show of the same name ever reared its ugly head. During his career he spread his wings wide; releasing not only a staggering 18 Gold records as well as three Platinum–certified albums, but also hosting […]

Michael Clarke Duncan Passes Away Aged 54 After Heart Attack

Michael Clarke Duncan was an American actor born December 10, 1957 and will be remembered fondly for his portrayal of John Coffey in the smash hit film, The Green Mile, a touching story of a gentle giant of a man wrongly sentenced to death for the murder of a young girl who lived at the […]

Neil Armstrong Takes One Small Step Into the Unknown

Neil Alden Armstrong, born on August 5, 1930 was the first man to set foot on the moon (whether you believe it happened or not), placing him up there amongst those never-to-be-forgotten pioneers who have inspired and captivated our imaginations throughout history. His career path took him on an interesting journey, from aerospace engineer and […]

Jerry 'Count von Count' Nelson Dies of Cancer

Jerry Nelson, born July 10, 1934, is not a man you’d readily know. His name is not ‘household’ and yet he is responsible for a character that everyone born from the early seventies onwards will know – without exception. Jerry’s career saw him behind the scenes at Jim Henson’s studios where he brought us the […]

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