Sick Celebrities

Day: October 16, 2012

Kim Kardashian has Psoriasis and isn't a Scaly Lizard

Super attention-seeking, fame junkie, Kim Kardashian appears to be turning into a lizard for the audience of “Keeping up with Kardashians”. The pouty, curvy, eager to undress, famous for nothing brunette discovered that she has Psoriasis which explained the flaky skin falling off her legs. She is not a zombie after all. For all the […]

Hugo Weaving's Epileptic Episodes

Australian born actor Hugo Weaving has made a name for himself in some major roles down the years. You may recall him as ‘Agent Smith’ in the Matrix, or the masked revolutionary known only as ‘V’ in V for Vendetta, who saved an entire country from the tyranny of a neo-fascist regime. The ‘Occupy’ movement […]

Jimmy Saville Fixed it for Himself

Jimmy Saville is still making the headlines after is death but for all the wrong reasons. The former Radio 1 DJ, children’s presenter and tireless charity worker was highly respected by the public during his living days and seen as a shining light for disenfranchised children the world over. Now however, after allegations of child […]

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