Sick Celebrities

Day: October 11, 2012

Booze killed Amy Winehouse

I guess we all knew that the coroner’s report would blame alcohol for the death of Amy Winehouse. Alcohol had sure played a great part in the chanteuse’s downfall  ever since the paparazzi first spotted the singer wandering the back streets of Camden Town like she was white trash. It didn’t take long for the […]

Victoria Beckham loses her baby weight

Despite having just given birth a few minutes ago, it seems that Victoria Beckham is already focused more on regaining her two-stone child body than she is on feeding silicone milk to her new baby. That of Harper Seven. The vacuous footballer’s wife is currently living alone in a 7-bedroom mansion in Malibu that she is […]

Kate Moss in pro-anorexia blunder

An advert for t-shirts containing an irresponsible slogan has been dubbed as pro-anorexic and has been banned in the UK. As if young girls (not to mention older girls… and boys, and men, and now children) need more pressure on them to be thinner, the t-shirt is emblazoned with the slogan’ Nothing tastes as good as […]

Julia Roberts ads pulled in UK as actress looks too young

The UK is finally seeing sense with the banning of two US advertising campaigns that feature celebrity models with stupidly flawless skin that they consider to be unrealistic. According to The Guardian, Jo Swinson (a liberal democrat MP in the UK) complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)  because the products’ effects shown in the ads were obviously […]

Lara Stone is the 'curvy' model for new CK campaign

Clothes designer Calvin Klein has released an ad that features the new face of its Naked Glamour campaign, the supermodel Lara Stone. Lara Stone is famous for her gap-toothed smile and also for being ‘curvy’, which when you look at her in images, makes you wonder what thin is, if that is curvy. Still, the fact that she’s a size […]

Aretha Franklin denies rumors of pancreatic cancer

Aretha Franklin – the Queen of soul is looking slimmer and healthier than she has in many years despite being rumored to be suffering from pancreatic cancer. The diva underwent surgery at the end of last year in order to rectify an undisclosed illness, but Aretha later rubbished the rumor that she was suffering from […]

Jessica White positive despite cocaine overdose

Despite a cocaine overdose and a pending assault charge, Jessica White is counting her blessings and still managing to look at life in a positive way. Right now she’s happy with the way her life is going, “I’m living out every girl’s dream,” says the former model. And with a starring role in the video for […]

Jennifer Aniston to make film about breast cancer

Friends actress Jennifer Aniston is to switch roles by spending time behind the camera for her latest project which will see her direct a collection of short films exploring the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives as part of a five-part series called Project Five. Breast cancer is the second-most common type of cancer (after […]

50 cent's massive weight-loss

The world wide web was buzzing last year when images surfaced in which the normally healthy-looking 50 Cent appeared showing the rapper looking decidedly gaunt and emaciated. The dramatic weight loss was thankfully not due to an illness or drug addiction, but was in order to prepare for his part in movie Things Fall Apart. […]

Lily Allen speaks up about bulimia

Lily Allen has opened up about how she was suffering from an eating disorder when her music career was at its peak in a revealing documentary. It’s not surprising that the pressures of fame and the need to look a certain way eventually manifested itself in bulimia – a self-destructive eating disorder characterized by self-induced vomiting […]

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