Sick Celebrities

Day: September 25, 2011

Hugh Hefner says he had sex once a week with 24-year-old ex

Oh deary me. As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough to see Hugh Hefner declare yet another engagement to a blonde 20-something-year-old Playboy bunny, but to then have to defend statements issued to the media by said Playboy bunny, is almost too much to bear.

Kirsten Dunst thinks people who don't get depressed are weird

I was going to write another interesting article about Beyonce’s latest amazing revelation – that pregnancy is a gift – but then thought that even the most persevering of CWD readers would become bored of the spoilt, small-minded woman’s inane babble. SO, for a change, we get Kirsten Dunst instead!

Controversial Rihanna Admits She is a C***.

Rihanna spotted wearing a necklace that spelled out what other sites have referred to as ‘the ‘c’ word’ and have labelled inappropriate. I think they mean the word ‘C+++’ and I don’t think it’s ever been more appropriate.

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