Sick Celebrities

Day: August 31, 2011

Pregnant man's thunder stolen by Chaz Bono

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie reckons he should have been picked for this season’s “Dancing with the Stars”, but that he had his offer stolen off him by Chaz Bono – an American transgender advocate.

Daryl Hannah Arrested!

Hannah, the pesky protester is in the news today having got herself arrested (again) and led away in handcuffs from outside the Whitehouse, it seems for participating in a protest to oppose the laying of a dirty great pipeline between Canada and the gulf coast in Texas.

25 years on, Top Gun is still a gayfest

Questions over Cruise’s sexual preferences began to surface shortly after Top Gun premièred as his on-screen relationships with both the steady wingman Goose (who died horribly but laughably) and fiery competitor Val Kilmer who played Ice-Man were both drenched in homosexual tension.

Audrey Hepburn: Links between malnutrition and obesity

Rather than some celebrity diet or excessive exercise regimes, Audrey Hepburn’s figure was a result of poor health having spent a long period in hiding in Nazi-occupied Holland during the second world war. A period that involved near starvation.

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