Sick Celebrities

Day: March 17, 2011

How the Blarney Stone put words in my mouth

Before I get to the crux of the story let me explain how I imagined the Blarney Stone in my mind. I saw it as a kind of elliptical thing, not unlike the Dark Crystal from the film of the same name, but green because it’s Irish. I pictured it set in the centre of a square on a round plinth, not unlike a piece of Gaudi work.

Vanessa Hudgens doesn't learn as new nude photos surface

Vanessa Hudgens is once again coming under extremely close scrutiny after more nude pictures have surfaced to haunt her again. This is the third time naked photos of the former High School Musical star have appeared on the net but this time she’s gone to the police and FBI as agents believe she is the victim of an internet hacker ring.

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