Sick Celebrities

Day: March 9, 2011

Robert Downey Jr thinks Iron Man III will be weird

Robert Downey Jr. is facing the challenge of filming Iron Man III under the stewardship of Shane Black who is set to replace Jon Favereau as director. The popular actor has revealed that he will find it weird working on the third episode without his friend calling the shots but that he is still looking forward to the challenge.

Rob Lowe to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men?

Rob Lowe is attracting a lot of interest today courtesy of his name being pulled from the hat to replace Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men. Lowe is seen as an ideal replacement for the ailing Sheen, although whether that’s a compliment or not remains to be seen.

Mike Starr of Alice In Chains found dead

Mike Starr, bass player with the grunge band Alice In Chains has been found dead at a house in Salt Lake City, Utah. Police say the cause of death hasn’t yet been determined.

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