Sick Celebrities

Day: December 4, 2010

Vanessa Williams assures fans that Eva Longoria will be fine

Vanessa Williams, co-star and friend of Eva Longoria has assured Desperate Housewives fans that her fellow TV star is coping well and recovering steadily after her recent marital traumas, and she described the demure Latina as a “survivor.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton under pressure to have a baby

Just a few short weeks since Prince William and his sweetheart Kate Middleton formally announced their engagement to an adoring public, some media outlets are today that writing that the couple could have their first child as early as this time next year.

Julian Lennon exhibits “Timeless” photo collection

One can only imagine how difficult life has been for Julian Lennon after being abandoned three times (in his own words) by his father, the late John Lennon. Forging his own path in the shadow of his father’s success and tragedy must have been excruciatingly difficult, yet he has continued to live with quiet dignity whilst still in remorse at the loss of his coveted father.

Jesse Ventura uncovers feminizing uranium plot

Former Navy Seal, Actor and State Governor, Jesse Ventura and his research team on Conspiracy Theories has uncovered disturbing evidence which indicates the inclusion of such deadly toxins as feminizing uranium, fluoride and even the mood pacifying lithium in our water supplies.

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