Sick Celebrities

Day: October 5, 2010

Get the flow with Ashtanga Vinyasa

Vinyasa is a unique style of Yoga in that it creates a flow of movement between poses instead of focusing solely on holding postures for long periods as with more traditional Yoga.

Out with the trout pout for Lisa Rinna

Over-sized, swollen lips that look on the verge of bursting are increasingly becoming the norm in the weird world of Hollywood, but this 47-year-old actress has decided to swim against the tide by opting for lip reduction.

Patrick Chung smashes the Dolphins

Patriots safety Patrick Chung has grabbed all the headlines today after his heroic performance against the Miami Dolphins lit up the NFL in a game that saw them win 41-14.

Lady Gaga considers boob job

Lady Gaga is weighing which is more important, her relationship with 29 year old Luc Carl or increasing the size of her chest. The 24 year old, who is no stranger to publicity grabbing, was out for lunch in New York with her on/off boyfriend when she was hit by a bout of boobrage.

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