Lady Gaga puts 'music' before romance

Lady Gaga has resurfaced for the first time in minutes with the news that she is willing to remain single for the rest of her life so as not to jeopardise her music career. ‘Music’ is an exaggeration, and one lives in the hope that the looks-and-behaves-like-but-isn’t-actually-a-freak doesn’t continue making noises for the rest of her life.

Looking beneath the surface it’s obvious that Gaga has issues. Her whole persona reeks of desperation to receive attention and she has become nothing more than a publicity machine, even if she did start out with genuine intentions musically.

Gaga looking good on holiday - alone. Top image: She provides the hoopla stall at the Grammy awards.

It appears that her issues are deeply rooted and in a Valentine Day interview (while dressed like Catwoman at a wake) she said, “My music is never going to roll over in bed one morning and tell me that it doesn’t love me any more. I have a big problem with rejection.”

“I was with a man once who didn’t understand that other things could come first. I know I run the risk of being alone forever but it’s the price I’ll have to pay.”

So there you have it; Gaga is afraid of being involved with someone in case her poor little heart gets broken again. But let’s be honest, if you don’t take a few knocks in life, you’re never going to become a stronger person.

Another point is this; you can have all the money in the world, go to all the best places, eat the finest food, sell the most records and travel in the most expensive cars, planes or boats; but if you have nobody to share it with then you’re not living.

Chris McCandless said, “An experience is only real when it’s shared.”

[adsense]Lady Gaga is clearly feeling the gravity of loneliness on Valentine’s Day, and certainly having an ‘Eleanor Rigby’ moment. I live in the hope that she does meet someone soon and that he’s so fantastic she gives up her music career and disappears out of the media spotlight for good.

Until then we’ll all have to put up with her whining; stupid outfits and the complete garbage that she spouts.

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Google's doodle has the Love bug for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air today and Google are joining in with the feeling as they celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new doodle dedicated to Robert Indiana.

Indiana was born September 13th 1928 and as an artist was considered a part of the ‘Pop Art’ movement which was spearheaded by the iconic Andy Warhol. Google’s doodle is based on his ‘Love’ Sculpture which has been an attraction in the Indianapolis Museum of Art since 1975, and replicas of the classic image have been reconstructed all over the world, including one on Sixth Avenue, New York City and one outside Taipei 101 in Taiwan (which was the tallest building in the world until 2010).

The unique, lop-sided ‘O’ gives the image its distinctive look, and it has been translated into various languages including Hebrew, Chinese, Italian and Spanish.

Robert Indiana, originally named Robert Cark hails from New Castle, Indiana and he first drew the ‘Love’ logo as a Christmas card design. Since then it has cropped up just about everywhere from postage stamps to footwear, and of course, very fittingly as Google’s doodle today.

At 82 years of age Indiana is still working as a designer and artist. Later in life he turned his attention to the stage where he designed sets and clothing; although he did offer a reworking of ‘Love’ in 2008 when he presented ‘Hope’.  The proceeds of sales went towards funding Barrack Obama’s campaign trail to the White House, raising in excess of $1,000,000 through reproductions on T-shirts, keyrings, pins, bumper stickers and various other paraphernalia.

Google’s homepage is a also a timely reminder to all those who have forgotten their loved ones today, but if you’re going to get them a gift; at least really think about it and don’t just dive into the nearest florist or confectioners.

Show them you care, and that you’ve thought about them.

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Valentine's Day: avoid genital herpes and other STDs from becoming an unwanted gift

In just a few hours, millions of roses and boxes of chocolate will be exchanged on the day where romance takes the front seat. Unfortunately, however, where there is passion and love, or just a bit of fun on the side, there can be some very undesirable consequences in the form of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) if the correct preventative measures aren’t taken.

How fitting then, that Valentine’s Day has also been proclaimed National Condom Day, with public health officials hoping to use the designation to highlight the role condoms can play in potentially limiting the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Still living in a cloud, thinking it’s not something that can affect you? Then read this for a reality check: Each year in the U.S. there are approximately 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted Diseases, about half of which occur among youth ages 15-24. And according to a CDC federal study, one in four teenage girls has an STD.

Left untreated, STDs can cause a host of problems, including infertility, so safe sex is really your safest bet. And getting yourself tested would be a wise move too, especially when we take into consideration that the majority of us are not even aware that we have an STD. Take Chlamydia, for example, also referred to as the “silent infection” or the “quiet love bug”. It is one of the most common STDs affecting women and men, yet around 75% of women and 50% of men are not even aware they have it. This can have dire consequences, as left untreated woman can be left unable to conceive a child and men could find themselves with painfully inflamed testicles and a reduction in fertility.

So remember to protect yourselves and have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day!

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