Nicole Kidman on Diabetes and Her Baby 'Faith'

NIcole Kidman with Connor and Isabella

In what must have been one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood, Oscar-winning Nicole Kidman and her country singer husband Keith Urban announced a brand new addition to their family — a baby girl. The announcement came amid a host of nasty comments which circulated across the internet – many showing a great distaste for the actress’s latest escapade.

Since news of their baby broke on Monday, the couple have been on the receiving end of a storm of criticism for using a surrogate mother. “I hope this isn’t a Camille Grammer birth, where she didn’t want to mess up her body or busy schedule,” said Deirdre Poloti.

What should be a joyous experience turned into a furious public backlash but the real reason why Nicole opted to have a “gestational carrier” is unclear.

There are a number of viable possibilities; firstly, at 43 she perhaps took her advanced maternal age into consideration. It is believed that the years between 25 and 35 are when a women is most fertile in terms of child bearing. Pregnancy gets more difficult the older you are, and with every passing year the number of risks increase.

NIcole Kidman - a diabetic mother

She is also diabetic and research shows that suffering with both both type 1 and type 2 diabetes sharply raises the risk of complications during pregnancy.

Although the baby, born at the Centennial Medical Center in Nashville on December 28, was carried by a surrogate mother, Nicole and Keith are the biological parents. In order to keep the birth a secret, the couple rented out the top floor of the hospital.

Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret,” the couple said in a statement. “No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier.”

They said they chose Faith as their new baby’s first name because they needed so much to help them through the pregnancy.

Nicole Kidman with Faith Margaret

We needed lots of faith, literally’, Nicole explained.

Keith and Nicole are already the parents to daughter, Sunday Rose, born in 2008. And the story behind her name? She was named after early 20th-century artist’s muse, Sunday Reed. Her middle name, Rose, is a nod to Urban’s late grandmother Rose.

Kidman also has two teenagers, Connor, 16, and Isabella, 18 with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Complications with Diabetes Contributed to Brittany Murphy's Death

Brittany Murphy at her healthiest looking

Former actress and drug abuser, Brittany Murphy, was found unresponsive in the shower by her mother who told paramedics that her ailing daughter suffered with Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes, or ‘diabetes mellitus type 2’, is the most common form of diabetes and occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, or when cells in the body ignore the insulin it produces.

Essentially, the body uses insulin to break down the sugar from food and transport it across through the blood system to cells. This conversion of sugar and starches makes glucose which is required for energy.

When the body’s cells do not obtain enough glucose due to a lack insulin production, or when the cells ignore the insulin, it can cause serious consequences. The body’s cells first begin to starve which leads to high levels of glucose in the blood. This can lead to organ damage with kidneys, liver and heart affected most commonly. It can also impair sight and can seriously damage nerves.

Brittany Murphy looking painfully thin. Eating disorders, drug overuse and diabetes contributed to her death.

Anyone suffering with diabetes, just as Brittany Murphy did, stand a much higher risk of suffering from heart attacks or dying as a result of cardiovascular disease.

Whether diabetes played a role in the death of the actress remains unknown for now but questions have been raised about the pressure on actresses to be ‘thin at all costs’ after Brittany’s anorexic struggles. It has been suggested that her eating disorder played a major part in her death.

Other factors mentioned as contributors were her minor heart condition.

Brittany Murphy in Clueless

Despite starring in films such as ‘8 Mile’, ‘Clueless’ and ‘Girl Interrupted’, Brittany Murphy’s substance abuse and eating disorders have been well documented. Clearly she was beset by mental health issues which ultimately led to her demise.

Upon their arrival at her house, paramedics tried to revive her but all attempts failed and she was pronounced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

Salma Hayek's Diabetic Pregnancy Problems

Salma Hayek before her pregnancy and diabetes problems

Salma Hayek is one of Mexico’s finest movie exports and quickly became a sensation. Born in Veracruz in 1966 and raised by a wealthy family, her parents were shocked when she opted to drop out of university in Mexico to pursue an acting career.

Hayek exploded onto the international stage with her role in 1995’s ‘Desperado’, playing the love interest of the nameless protagonist portrayed by Antonio Banderas. Further success in movies such as ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’, ‘Fools Rush In’, ‘Dogma’ and ‘Bandidas’ with good friend Penelope Cruz followed and she established herself as one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses.

Thos previously menti0oned popularist titles elevated her to household name status but perhaps Salma’s defining moment was her portrayal of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in the move ‘Frida’. Her performance earned her an Academy Award nod and although she didn’t win the Oscar for best actress, the movie did go on to claim two awards.

Despite her many great accomplishments in the film industry Hayek‘sproudest moment was giving birth to daughter Valentina in September 2007, especially after complications developed during her pregnancy. When Salma was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she admits she had no idea what it meant or what she should do about it.

Salma Hayek's weight gain during pregnancy was caused by diabetes

In an interview with U.S. Glamor magazine, Hayek said: “I had diabetes while I was pregnant.

I became huge.

And I said: ‘This is what it takes for me to have this baby, and I really want it.’”

She was aware of the risks involved for her unborn baby but she wanted to have her child so much that she took the chance.

You don’t know it it’s going to be healthy – you are completely out of control.”

Salma Hayek with her baby daughter

Fortunately her daughter was born healthy and Hayek felt the whole experience was incredibly humbling.

Her family has a history of diabetes and she was unlucky to develop the illness as well. Women are usually tested for gestational diabetes between 24 and 28 weeks into their pregnancy. Women who have a family of history of diabetes are usually tested earlier.

Halle Berry: Controlling Diabetes Through Healthy Living

Halle Berry looking healthy

Halle Berry enjoying the big outdoors. Diabetes doesn’t stop her.


With the advent of mass, overly processed food the world has seen a sharp increase in the number of global diabetes cases. It could be considered an epidemic now which is spiralling out of control and doesn’t look set to change until something is done about the amount of sugar, salt and chemicals in our food.

Many celebrities have been diagnosed with the illness which comes in two forms:


Type I Diabetes – where the body is unable to produce insulin due to the destruction of islet cells in the pancreas

Type II Diabetes – the body produces high levels of glucose in the blood in context with insulin resistance


Halle Berry was wrongfully diagnosed with Type I diabetes and claimed to have weaned herself off Insulin; the most widely used medicinal method of treating the illness, but it turned out she had Type II Diabetes all along.

She now treats it by exercising regularly and has changed her diet radically to give her body a more balanced intake; cutting out sugar and lessening the risk of a Hypoglycaemic attack which can lead to a coma and death if not treated quickly.

Dr Gabriel Cousens

Looking good at 69 years of age; Dr Gabriel Cousens may have a point about raw food.

Dr Gabriel Cousens, a doctor of medicine, has long advocated the role of diet in treating a whole host of illnesses including diabetes. His documentary entitled Raw for Thirty Days highlights six cases of diabetes (both types) and the dramatic impact that a change to healthy, raw, natural whole foods had on his patients.

After three days half of the group didn’t need insulin and by the end of the thirty days they had lost considerable weight and were feeling fresher and healthier than they ever had.

Perhaps not going to the measures that Cousens’ guests took, Halle Berry is still advocating a healthy lifestyle to combat her illness and she should be seen as a good role model to anyone of any age who find themselves diagnosed with Diabetes.