Here's to Your Health: Diabetes-Not Enough Sweets?

By Mitzi Reed

Las Vegas Informer

Diabetes affects millions of people world wide. What causes diabetes? What is diabetes? Diabetes is basically a disorder of the bodily system that regulates the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose is the body’s chief source of energy, and is manufactured by metabolizing carbohydrates in the diet.

They have lost the sweet aspect of their life, the world, and the universe. somehow they have disconnected their inner soul from communicating to the universe.

According to Henry Wright, author of  A More Excellent Way, Type 2 Diabetes, may be considered to be an anxiety disorder “where the white corpuscles interfere with the function of the pancreatic tissue,” but leaves the tissue intact. Possible spiritual roots might be fear of failing others, fear of failure, fear of man, performance and excessive ambition. Type 2 Diabetes may also be rooted in an “inability to receive love, projected rejection, unloving spirits and a spirit of death.

The pancreas is the gland linked with the solar plexus, which deals with emotions, desires and all intellectual activities. Adult diabetes can occur during times when you feel under-nourished emotionally or to a loss of love or fear of intimacy, Sometimes people overeat to compensate for these feelings and then gain weight. People with diabetes are devoted people that expect much from themselves and others. They also tend to expend excessive energy to respond to others needs. They have  an inner sadness from an unmet desire to be loved. Diabetes is a signal that you need to learn to let go and let things happen at your own pace. Stop trying to control the course of events and trying to make everyone happy. Recognize the goodness that flows freely in your life and enjoy the sweetness and joy of it all.

Children who feel insufficiently acknowledged may develop diabetes. They are exhibiting an inner emptiness that seeks some form of compensation. “Children can develop diabetes at a time of parental conflict, such as divorce or death, feel that they are the cause of the loss, or that the parent no longer loves them, or due to a smothering, excessively adoring parent,” Deb Shapiro, author of Your Body Speaks Your Mind.

“One of the things I have discovered about diabetes is that it requires being in the present. It forces us to be diligent. It requires us to manage our lives – every little tiny thing: food, sugar, sleep/rest, testing, insulin, exercise, treatment options. It requires we take responsibility for ourselves. Our health, our quality of life depends on our ability to act responsibly.” Carolyn Myss

You can prevent and control diabetes. Be proactive and take care of yourself on all levels. You are worth it!

To Your Health,

Mitzi Reed

The health information provided in this column is for education purposes only.  Mitzi Reed assumes no responsibility in the treatment or cure of any disease or illness and does not claim to be a medical professional, and only speaks from her own experience. The information provided is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

Mitzi Reed is the founder of World Wide Wellness, llc , and is dedicated to raising the awareness,  promoting healthier lifestyles and to empowering people in all aspects of wellness. She is also the founder of SpiritDove, a ministry dedicated to being a messenger of Love, Peace, and Happiness. Mitzi’s  passion and purpose is inspiring others to tap into the power and beauty of their soul. Event Coordinator/promoter. Life and Holistic Business Coach, Author and Speaker, Peace and Sacred Activist, Angel Reader, Certified Theta Healer® Practitioner, Reiki Master.


Jake Gyllenhaal turns Cupid and believes everyone has time for love

Hot on the heels of his involvement in the Edible Schoolyard project, Jake Gyllenhaal is turning his hand to the role of love archer as he discusses the prospect of future relationships and how everyone has time for love.

Gyllenhaal is a relaxed character who seems to glide through life without much concern and despite his roguish handsomeness, the Hollywood heartthrob has his heart is in the right place and he clearly cares about the world he lives in.

Jake Gyllenhaal believes everyone has time for love

He may still quietly be licking the wounds from the fallout of his relationship with Taylor Swift, from whom he separated in January this year but the end of that romance hasn’t deterred him from future adventures in the realm of love.

While many people fail to understand why the enigmatic star of such fare as Donnie Darko and Brokeback Mountain is still single, he looks to be biding his time until he meets that someone special who compliments his personality rather than manipulates it.

“What I believe about love is that, whether it’s with your family, whether it’s with somebody you fall in love with and have a relationship with, it’s all about being seen.

“It’s all about someone saying, ‘I see you. I see who you are. I love who you are. I appreciate who you are.’”

“I think everybody has time to fall in love when they’re doing anything.”

Never a truer word spoken Jake. One thing you can guarantee about love is that you never find it when you’re looking for it and you never see true love coming.

Please share your thoughts on Jake’s turn as Cupid’s arrow by leaving a comment.

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Daniel Craig addicted to video games

007 May have saved the world countless times and always got the girl, but actor Daniel Craig, 42 who plays James Bond (previously played by Pierce Brosnan) in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace spends his down time with joystick in hand.


It seems that the British born star is not content with taking down the bad guys for a living, so when he gets a spare moment it’s straight to the console for some pixellated pandemonium.

“I play games.  Hands up.  I’m quite into ones that have a big, fat storyline”, said Craig in an interview with

“Those ultra-violent ones I can play for half an hour then I feel dirty.  ‘Vice City’ for example – I think, oh yes, alright, I’ve stolen 18 cars.  That’s enough now.”

But he is under no illusions about his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell’s feelings on the matter.

“I have to pick my time well. If my girlfriend sees the box then it’s all over. If I get some free time, when she goes away for the weekend, I’ll go and play some games.

“I can switch the phone off and not see anybody for a couple of hours. That is blissful. It’s just as well I don’t have much spare time or I would probably fritter it away playing computer games.”

Video game addiction (or overuse) is becoming more prevalent these days with consoles and big titles absolutely flooding the market.  ‘Gamers’ tend to play compulsively and will isolate themselves from most forms of social interaction.  Their focus is generally on in-game achievements rather than actual events or accomplishments in real life.

Game makers cleverly craft games that are endless which gives the player a constant need to explore and achieve more, especially with online “mmorpg’s” (massive multiplayer online role playing games) where new content is added periodically to keep subscribers’ interest.

Diagnosis for this disorder has to date not been formalised in medical or psychological documents but is due for inclusion in the next Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Thankfully the next Bond film is due for release in 2011 which means that Daniel Craig will soon be able to spend more time on the screen than in front of it.

Do you know anyone addicted to video games? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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Is Jennifer Aniston a commitment phobic?

She is undoubtedly one of the most sought after and desired women in Hollywood: At age 41 Jennifer Aniston puts most women to shame when it comes to style, body and beauty. Yet she has not been in serious, long-term relationships since her painfully public divorce from Brad Pitt.

Jennifer’s dating pattern (for the most part) since the 2005 divorce has seen her in relationships with a string of men that never seem to last longer than a couple of months.

Her relationships with co-star Vince Vaughn in 2006 lasted a year, however she cited a long distance relationship as the reason for their break up. Her other longer relationship was with singer John Mayer, whom she reportedly dated for almost a year in 2008-2009, reports. Jen reportedly ended the relationship with him because he was spending too much time on Twitter, constantly updating his status and not paying enough attention to the relationship.

And then we must mention other short-lived romances, including with Paul Sculfor, Gerald Butler and Orlando Bloom. This isn’t even to mention the countless dates she has been on. Despite having a seemingly endless line of men with a desire to date her, Jennifer cannot stay in a relationship, and seems to be quick to find reasons to end them.

Is she a commitment phobic?

According to, one reason people cannot commit to a serious relationship “because he or she is either afraid of rejection or extreme humiliation.

“Maybe the person has been emotionally wounded several times and suffers from the trauma of getting involved into a relationship once more.”

An apparent defense mechanism prevents the individual from letting the relationship get serious, and already has one foot out the door when it begins to.

“Even though Jen’s dating life hasn’t been perfect, she’s not a bitter person who looks back with regrets,” quotes a source close to Jennifer as saying. “Jen is excited about the new year and curious to see what this year will bring.”

So far: dates with Harry Morton and ‘Cougar Town’ star Josh Hopkins.

Jennifer is America’s sweetheart, and when reading in the media about her and her dating life, it is clear the public is so keen for her to find a man and settle down and fulfill one of her biggest dreams in life: having a family.

Other celebrities who have phobias include Woody Allen, Christina Ricci, Billy Bob Thornton and Justin Timberlake.

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