DNA mutation linked to childhood obesity, study finds

A study conducted on 300 children (most weighing over 200 pounds at the age of 10), specifically targetting their DNA. The research has found that some children who are obese could have a part of their DNA missing, which causes overeating, therefore causing weight gain.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the researches looked at the DNA of the obese children, and found that in some, there were sections of DNA missing. This deletion of DNA causes a large problem because it removes a gene that the brain needs to respond to an appetite-controlling hormone.

The Daily Mirror reports that co-leader of the study, Dr. Sadaf Farooqi of Cambridge University, said children with a chromosome 16 DNA deletion “have a very strong drive to eat.

“They’re very, very hungry, they always want to eat.”

According to Dr. Farooqi, the research findings come as a blessing to many families affected by obese children.

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for them,” she said.

“This study shows that severe obesity is a serious medical issue that deserves scientific investigation.

“It adds to the growing weight of evidence that a wide range of genetic variants can produce a strong drive to eat.”

Obesity has become a health problem in developed nations across the globe, with cases of childhood obesity unfortunately becoming more and more common.

Obesity is one of the most serious health conditions of the 21st century, and a leading cause of death. Obesity may simply be defined as too much body fat – so much so, that is has a serious effect on a person’s health.

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