Children who watch ‘Popeye’ eat more vegetables, says a study

According to a recent research report published in, children who watch Popeye cartoons regularly are motivated to double up their vegetable consumption. The cartoon is a favorite with children of many countries since 1930s but a scientific research has proved that it is helping the children too.

The research was done at the Mahidol University, Bangkok, on youngsters in the age group of 4-5 years. In the research, it was seen that the children ate four portions of vegetables on the next day of watching Popeye cartoon.

Earlier the servings were limited to two. During the research, the children were made to cook vegetable soups, watch Popeye cartoons, plant vegetable seeds and be a part of the fruit and vegetable tasting parties.

The cartoon did not have any influence on the consumption of fruits by the children, says a report in, because fruit was already a good part of the complete diet of the children. The research and its findings have been published in Nutrition & Dietetics. According to one other research, there was an increase in the sale of tinned spinach, like the one consumed by Popeye.

The consumption increased by 24%. The cartoon character named Popeye first hit the screens in the year 1933 and saved the US spinach industry during that time. The spinach growing community in Texas recognized its contribution in increasing the sales of spinach.

Eating vegetables and adopting a vegetarian diet can be good for weight loss and weight management. Other interesting diets include a vegan diet, a macrobiotic diet and a raw food diet.