Miley Cyrus loves her ‘crooked’ teeth

Grown up Miley Cyrus is experiencing her first taste of the pressures of Hollywood. But despite rumours that she has had work done on her teeth, the star claims she loves her crooked chops.

Cyrus’ teeth do not look like they did when she was 14. The Hannah Montana actress and singer is said to have had extensive cosmetic procedures, including whitening and altering the gums to make them less visible.

In 2008, she said “I’m really nervous for the surgery. But I’m sure it will go well. I can’t wait for my new smile. I love it already,” according to Crushable.

The operation was expected to take 18 hours with approximately 2 weeks to heal. Since then, Miley has not stopped flashing those chops.

The extent of the work done is disputed. Star Magazine goes one step further, according to Popcrunch, by suggesting that the 17-year-old’s new teeth may altogether not be her own.

Cyrus’ pearly whites allegedly popped out on the set of a photo shoot, according to an insider, who told Star Magazine: “Her eyeteeth – the pointy ones – are connected by a bridge, and they came out and hit the floor in front of her. Everyone froze.”

Did she make a mistake by having surgery? If so, she’s not one to admit it. Despite the cosmetically enhanced smile, Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter claims she is a fan of natural beauty and even her ‘crooked’ teeth. Posing for Elle magazine in July 2009, a very adult-looking Miley stated: “I like these crooked. I love my teeth.” Whether the further comment “my dad won’t let me fix my teeth or cut my hair” has anything to do with the matter, is another question.

Other celebrities who have had their teeth fixed include actors Demi Moore and Tom Cruise.

Images: Steal Their Style on Picasa and Wikimedia Commons

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  6. l’m a huge fan,of miley’s,so l find it very hard,to believe that miley would have any cosmetic surgery done,unless it was really necessary.l know for a fact,that miley is a fan of everything natural.Even when she wears any make-up,it’s usually only the bare minimum,like eye liner & lipgloss.l think miley,is the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.She is total perfection.There’s nothing about miley,l would change.As 4 her teeth,l think like the rest of her,they are just perfect.Ur wonderful miles.Godbless 4 ever:)XXX

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