Ex-wife claimed David Hasselhoff kept herpes quiet

David Hasselhoff divorced his wife Pamela Bach in 2006 after 16 years of marriage. At first, it seemed the pair would split amicably and the actor’s publicist seemed to be doing all he could to keep the matter quiet. Both cited irreconcilable differences and Bach even told The Associated Press: “I’ve always loved him and always will, and have love and compassion for him. It’s a very, very sad day, but a day to move on.”

However, court papers seen by British tabloid The Sun painted a different picture.

The documents showed Pamela Bach accusing the former Baywatch star of violent drunken behaviour, assault on their two teenage daughters and of not telling her he had the sexually transmitted disease genital herpes.

“At the time of our marriage I was not informed that the petitioner had herpes…He failed to tell me about his condition for many years, potentially exposing me to the extremely dangerous virus,” Hollywood.com cites the actress.

She added that Hasselhoff had abused alcohol since the beginning of their marriage and was often “violent and uncontrollable or completely incapacitated”. So much so, that he “frequently loses control of his bladder and bowels, urinating and defecating himself”.

A further statement said the Knight Rider star was abusive towards his teenage daughters Taylor Anna and Hayley, whom he has slapped on the backside while intoxicated, verbally insulted and laid naked in bed with. He had also allegedly been unfaithful and untruthful throughout the marriage.

Health site MedicineNet states that genital herpes affects 45 million Americans. Although effective treatment is available, the virus incurable and will remain with the carrier for the rest of their lives. Apart from psychological distress, herpes manifests itself in the form of painful lesions on and around the penis or vagina. This is often accompanied by flu-like symptoms.

Other celebrities who have been accused of hiding their genital herpes include actors Robin Williams and Liza Minnelli.

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One thought on “Ex-wife claimed David Hasselhoff kept herpes quiet

  1. According to popular reports, one in every three persons is infected with herpes. Some are infected and do not know it because they have not been tested or had an outbreak. Many years pass before some break out. Many people criticizing and laughing at others who may be infected have the virus, too. If one of three has it, it won’t be long before . . . . I hate to think about it.

    If she made all of these reports about her husband–the urinating, defecating, herpes, drunken behavior–why is she complaining if she chose to stay with him? Now, that he was divorcing her, she tells all. Telling all seems to be the way these women do it when they are scorned.

    Women know that most men are whorish, yet, they think that they can make a man theirs only by looking pretty and having all of the popular attributes of the world, just being the perfect trophy. And they wonder why a less attractive woman ends up with their husbands. Yes, it is wrong, but it is happening. Perhaps the other woman is sinning more and he likes it. I say, “Woman, if he is no account, why are your claws in his back? Let go.” Get a life and be grateful that someone took out the trash. She will have to live in the filth. Women who steal husbands will pay down the line. Guaranteed! Husbands who dump wives wrongfully will pay down the line. Guaranteed! Their world will witness their tragedies if they do not get it right. In the meantime, let’s pray for them and ourselves, too, because “All have sinned . . . .”

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